Limecrime Unicorn Hair dye in Sour candy REVIEW

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Hey everyone ! I decided it was time to try out Limecrime’s Unicorn hair dye . I’ve heard about it for years . But I’ve been trying so many other colors and brands, plus I have my favorites , that it took me awhile . Plus it’s a newly released color with not too many pictures online or on Instagram . I really liked how a sour candy looked on Limecrime’s website.

I thought I would included the promo pics online as these are a great reference for the true color . The box they sent me in the mail ,  though has a completely different color and it scared me at first until I opened it and saw the jar .So be aware of that when you shop in store , as the color on the package is really off .

 The limecrime box is very cute though !

It looks more like a lilac on the package . But it’s definitely not lilac.

So Limecrime should probably update these for people that buy these in store .

And the actual color , a bright candy pink ! Not as neon as my usual Iroiro pink but still pretty bright in the jar.

Now for the scent , it’s heavy ! Like super heavy rose scented . I was expecting  a fruit or candy scent but wow . I’m not the biggest fan of Limecrime’s scent , but that might just be me . I prefer fruity scents and with a name like Sour Candy , I was thinking bubblegum .
Here’s a pic of my hair starting out . It’s super faded Iroiro neon pink , and my green . I tested my fringe first to see how bright it was . It wasn’t too different from the current faded hair color . So I decided to go ahead and do the rest of my hair . I also redid my green as well , but with diluted neon green .  I thought it would match the pink better .

 My before !

 All dyed !

I left my dye in for 6 hours  before rinsing out .
And finally the results !  Here’s freshly dyed next  day hair ! It’s bright but not too bright . I think I might have wanted it to be a little more vibrant . But it’s not bad . The rest of the week my hair has slowly been fading , maybe a bit more than my previous color. [ Also the box said I may need 2 or more jars for long hair , but I think because I used green too I only used half of the jar . I’ll probably use the rest for touch ups . 
Overall Unicorn hair was creamy almost like manic panic texture of hair dye , was easy to spread , super perfumey , and maybe not as bright as other dyes on the market . But this would probably be great for people that have super lightened platinum hair , want a more muted bright pink , and maybe don’t want a dye that sticks around forever ( like punky , Iroiro) . I’m not sure if I would buy again , as I don’t think it was as conditioning to my hair as Iroiro ,  but maybe I’ll try other colors in their line when I swap colors . Let me know in the comment’s section if you’ve tried any other Unicorn hair dyes and which were your favorite ? Also before going I’ll leave an updated pic of my hair 5 days after . I’ve only shampoo’d twice a week and mostly have been conditioning in cold water . 

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13 thoughts on “Limecrime Unicorn Hair dye in Sour candy REVIEW

  1. Hello! Great review love how it came out! I think is a beaitiful Pink and you look gprgeous 😍 I have dyed my hair in the past in fantasy purple color since is my favorite but lately I have been contemplating the Idea of using wigs. Still thinking about it I think will be really fun to try and use! Have a fab day beaitiful! 🥰😘

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  2. That’s an awesome color, and it looks amazing on you! I’ve never done anything adventurous with my hair, but I might have to dare to be bold one of these days.

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