Nyx Powder Puff Lippie in Moody revIew

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Hey everyone ! I finally got around to trying one of the Nyx Powder puff lippies . I’ve been wanting to try these for a while and decided on the cool toned plum color , Moody.


It comes in a small tube , that looks easy to throw in your purse . Well as long as it doesn’t get squeezed too hard , I could see that being messy. The applicator is a fluffy tip . Kind of like a cotton swab but fluffier.


It looks a bit more Rosey in the swatch than the plum described on the site. It is a bit more plummy on the lips though.


It doesn’t have a strong scent , but kind of smells floral, but it’s not overbearing . As for applying , it’s nice and I just dab the color on my lips. It was easy to get a nice even application , but I did make a few mistakes and had to fix with a clean makeup brush . I do want to try the Korean gradient lip look , as that looks super pretty and is an advertised way of wearing this powder lippie. The texture is very comfortable , powdery , matte but not overly drying . And it did stay on my lips well without smearing.



I really liked how it wears on my lips , and it’s a nice shade to go with this eye look from the Huda Mercury Retrograde palette . I think I’ll keep an out for the other colors , as I did see a purple and greige that also caught my eye . It would be cool to see a black or blue in a powder look too! Let me know in the comment’s section if you’re tried any of the other colors in this powder lippie line . Which one’s did you like ?

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8 thoughts on “Nyx Powder Puff Lippie in Moody revIew

    1. Yeah I’ve been meaning to be more active and keeping up with everyone , but then the holidays happened lol . I bet this shade looks awesome on you . I loved this lippie so much I bought another color too . I’ll review it as soon as it gets here .


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