Arctic Fox Wrath Hair Dye Review


*This post was meant to be written much earlier , but I’ve been pretty busy with the holidays , so decided to share this nice red hair dye review for an after Christmas post✨

So time for another hair dye review , this time I didn’t use my own hair but my younger sister’s hair! She wanted to go a nice deep berry or burgundy red . And this shade is beautiful. I don’t have any pics of the dye in the bowl but I wanted to share some pictures of Wrath on her natural strawberry Blonde hair . She did have some bleached streaks in front which the dye was much brighter on those.


It does a great job of covering her natural hair! This dye is very sticky and she has had it for about a month before the red really starts to fade . She also has been using this dye for almost a whole year and loves how nice and rich the color is , plus the smell of the dye is really good too. I was super amazed with how well it sticks to her unbleached hair and roots .

AAC4A33B-CB98-454B-AD9B-71D5FC2999CFHere’s a pic of her hair in direct light . It’s super red here . I do think if you have a darker base blonde or light brown it would make a wonderful deeper burgundy shade . Lighter platinum blonde , it may come out a bit more pinky wine red . So definitely check out this red shade if you want something long lasting and that sticks around for a long time .
We did redo her hair before a week before Christmas with another dye ( Lunar Tides Blood Moon) but had to return to this shade as it’s her favorite and the other shade was a bit more of am orange based red . I will have pictures and a review of Lunar Tides up soon .  The pics I used in this post were from when we first dyed her hair with Wrath which was earlier this year.  So let me know what you think and if you’ve ever tried Wrath or any of the other Arctic Fox colors . Have a nice week everyone ! 

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9 thoughts on “Arctic Fox Wrath Hair Dye Review

      1. For me Punky’s was pretty easy and cheap to find . I do still love their blues and turqouises which seem to stay forever for me . I should definitely try to write some reviews of those with older pics .


    1. Haha thanks ! It can be a lot of work , but I know experimenting with clip in extensions is a good way to try out new colors . That’s how I started at least , that way I could see which colors I really liked .


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