I saw the Melt Mary Jane palette IRL

Decided to take to mask up and take a journey into my local Sephora . I usually buy my things online but I wanted to look at a few new releases in the wild . Sadly quite a few of the things that interested me were not in stock , such as the Too Faced That’s My Jam palette , or the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Cream Double Take Lip Set . Those have been on my recent wish list and I wanted to see them up close and in person. But no luck . But I did run into a palette that intrigued me . The new Melt Mary Jane Palette.


Here’s the cool promo pics ! It’s meant to be a smokey palette inspired by well smoke. I really liked the pictures here as it seemed like a cool toned neutral palette, with some pewters and antiqued bronzes added.

And here it is IRL:


It’s a bit warmer in person . It does look interesting for a neutral palette but I decided to skip on it . I did kind of want to swatch it but I don’t really like touching stuff because of covid . But I thought I would go ahead and share this pic as it’s more accurate than the promo pictures . Let me know in the comments what you think of the color story and if it’s something you’ll be interested in .



8 thoughts on “I saw the Melt Mary Jane palette IRL

  1. I was wandering around an outdoor shopping center while waiting to pick up my husband on Monday-got to go to Lush and pick up a couple of shower gels, then tried to go to sephora. Despite the rest of the shopping center being open, they weren’t. It’s too bad, I really would have enjoyed seeing a couple things in person after more than a year!

    I agree, the palette looks a bit warmer than I imagined it should. But it is pretty! And I do appreciate their creative aesthetic.

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      1. It’s not often I get a case of the regrets for missing out on a palette, but if the muerte palette ever comes back I will buy it. I chose not to at the time and I still regret it.

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