Goop Glow Lotion Review

* I received this item free, from Influenster and Goop Beauty in exchange for my honest review .

Influenster vox box time ! This time it’s a facial lotion from Goop beauty. Yes I know the Gwyneth Paltrow brand . I’ll be honest I really have stayed away from Goop for the most part as she’s had some pretty peculiar beauty advice that ranges from odd to just not very good . Anyone remember the Jade eggs, steaming certain parts of your anatomy and getting
stung by bees alot . Here’s some articles for light reading.

And finally the actual product:


So the packaging is nice ,the bottle itself is made of clay. And it’s definitely got a weight to it . The bottle has a pump very similar to the Nyx Marshmallow Primer , and it’s fairly easy to use and not messy . Sadly the lotion itself , is very heavily scented , strong citrus notes , and like a strange cigarette like undertone . I know there’s no nicotine in the lotion , but it’s a very harsh smell . And that’s coming from someone who loves citrus fruits . I did use this lotion for about a week on my face during the night . I decided night was best since sometimes having tons of citrus oil on your skin during the day can make your skin sensitive . So this was my night only moisturizer , and well , it just say in my face and my skin would not absorb it . Like it was just oily and gross .

Yeah this product really didn’t work for me at all . I was a little surprised , this lotion has a lot going on inside it . Squalane derived from sugarcane ,Spirulina Extract ,
tons of vitamin C ( from citrus oils) , Kakadu plum ( also vitamin C ). But it still didn’t work for me , my skin broke out a bit , and it was just oily . No glow for me just oil and breakouts .
So I stopped using Goop Glow , and swapped to another moisturizer . Thankfully my face is getting back to normal , and I may give this to someone else to try , but I can’t really recommend this product . It’s very strong smelling and quite oily . The product seems to just sit on my skin rather than being absorbed and the full size lotion is $58 . I do think there are better options for moisturizer , high end Laniege and Drunk Elephant to name a few . But there’s definitely better options out there. Well let me know what you think about this lotion and if you have any questions.


12 thoughts on “Goop Glow Lotion Review

    1. I was really surprised when they sent out a product to me , as I too heard about the infamous jade eggs lol . Also I had no idea Sephora carried this brand, it’s definitely very pricey too. Thanks for reading😊✨


    1. Definitely. I think the may have put too much ingredients in this lotion lol . I did try Laneige water bank moisturizer and that seemed to help as a moisturizer. Still need to review that as well ✨😊

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      1. My skin type is oily and slightly acne prone. But I do still need to moisturize as I live in a desert environment , plus some of the acne product I use can dry skin out.


  1. I’ve been staying away from Goop too so it was great reading your honest review of the lotion!
    I love fruity scents but it’s terrible that the smell is so harsh. That’s also horrible that it made your face oily & breakout! $58 for a lotion is a lot too!!!

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  2. I have a Goop face mask I’m also dreading to try. If it smelled so strongly of citrus, that could be what caused the breakout… excessive fragrance. Doesn’t have to be synthetic, fragrant fruit oils can really mess up our skin.

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      1. I tried it last night and I worked really well, but it’s not for sensitive skin. It’s a face pad with a lot of chemical exfoliants (Glycolic acid, mainly) but it does say to leave it on for 15 minutes before applying moisturiser on top, so that’s why I considered it a mask. The next morning my face was super bright, which I usually only achieve with a lot of vitamin C. Nice, but I still can’t justify the £10.

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