Urban Decay Releases a New Colorful Palette but…

So today I was pretty excited to hear that the new Urban Decay Wired collection was going to be full of brights and the palette was meant to almost be a sequel to the Electric palette . But my heart sank when I looked at the shades.

The palette is beautiful 💕 But there is one tiny problem , 3 of the shades I already own from the original UD Electric palette . And they’re not just dupes but the actual shades , Savage(neon pink) Slowburn (vibrant orange) and Chaos ( colbolt blue) which I still have . Slowburn isn’t even close to being panned kn my palette , same with Chaos. Savage I’ve used a bit more , and I do like that this collection is supposed to release a glossy version of it . The eyeliners looks amazing though , and the transforming liner also seem intriguing. I can’t wait for this collection to actually come out in store . I would love to actually swatch a few of the colors in Sephora . But sadly I will probably hold off on the beautiful palette . The other colors look really nice but I don’t think I can justify buying those three colors again when I already have them . Shock and Fluorescent are really the main shadows I want . So maybe I can find dupes of those two somewhere. But at least Shock is available as a liner , so thats always an option .

I might try the look on top with some of my existing palettes . The demo looks are great and I already have at least three of the colors 😅 So honestly I’m pretty happy that Urban Decay are releasing another super bright collection.Even if I won’t be buying the palette , the liners and glosses have my interest .  Let me know what you guys think . Also when this collection does come out in stores I plan on checking it out the demo palette  just to see how the three colors compare to the old shadows I own .


9 thoughts on “Urban Decay Releases a New Colorful Palette but…

  1. I was initially super excited about this because it was you who told me about the color “freak” in the former palette. But, the green in this new palette is nothing like freak, so I’m out. Hah.

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    1. Honestly Might’ve repurchased it for Freak . But that was the color they left out . I would’ve totally traded Slowburn (the orange ) for Freak .It’s probably the shade I use the most , well that and the purple .


    1. To be honest I saw a few early reviews , and the colors didn’t look as pigmented as the original , or brands like Juvia’s . So I know I will for sure skip this one . I would really have to see the physical palette in store , but at the moment its only available on Urban Decay’s website . I kind of find that a bit suspect honestly . Temptalia did a review and it wasn’t too good .


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