revlon super lustrous the gloss in Fatal apple review

6B67A2EA-5DFF-4EFA-88AC-FF30DE83FC26 Hey everyone ! I decided to pick up more of these Super Lustrous glosses by Revlon. I wanted kind of candy apple shade and this looked promising. 

IMG_E2107 It’s really bright and has a little shimmer inside the gloss as well.

IMG_E2110It’s actually not too red, but definitely has bit of color. Plus the shimmer does a great job of reflecting. It’s a more sticky kind of gel like consistency with a sweet candy like smell. Definitely similar the Violet one I tried last Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss in Sugar Violet Review

And here it is on the lips.


I tried to get two different pictures , one with flash and one without.

7821F07E-96F5-4B8A-9EE5-FA240239EEFCBut they kind of look the same. Honestly there’s not that much of tint to this shade. I was expecting more a red candy tone. But it’s not really there. It did make my lips look shiny though.

46C61133-F29E-4C42-B63D-626ED4334B13And further away, it still doesn’t really look red either. It’s like the tint kind of just mixed with my natural lip color. Oh well it’s nice for a more neutral lip look. Overall it’s not a bad quick lip gloss for on the go or for more neutral looks. It definitely is good for making my lips shiny. I have two other colors to try after this one, so I’ll have those up soon. Have a good week everyone !

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