Wow Sugarpill’s new palette looks amazing !

So a day or two ago I got an email showing Sugarpill’s new palette preorder . I didn’t preorder but wow ! This palette looks pretty cool and unique . This was a one day pre-order but I believe this will be available for the public to order soon .



These are all images from my email . I can’t find any links to the actual product. But I would say check Sugarpill often . According to the release email this includes a blush , 5 matte pressed pigments, 4 metallic, the palette and the mirror . I really like the design of the palette and the colors look pretty nice as well . I’m definitely considering this since the Funsize palette is one of my favorites.


15 thoughts on “Wow Sugarpill’s new palette looks amazing !

  1. Yes, I agree, this one is clever, cute, interesting, and the color story is fantastic. Kudos to them! I probably won’t pick it up but I do think it’s a fantastic release!

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  2. YASS! That palette is just adorable. I’m definitely feeling “Super Nova & Baby Doll” they’ll look resting great together.
    Another reason for me to try Sugar Pill…followed them for years yet never purchased anything. That’s about to change.
    Thank you for sharing this.

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    1. I’m really thinking of getting this for my birthday . Its one of the most unique looking palettes this season . Plus I really liked Sugarpill’s mine shadows. If you get it before me post pics ☺️


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