Cupcake Pink is happening !

My buddy is helping me out . The color shows up better near his fur.

My Special Effects dye finally came in today ! Its super bright , so I tried taking pics in my bathroom, in my livingroom , not outside since its too cloudy due to rain . Also my camera was really having problems picking up the color in the bottle . So my Fiancé decided that our dogs could be a background . And you know what it works . I have a doberman and white husky and they are perfect for modeling the bottle ! These pictures were taken with my iphone but my digital camera has the ones with my husky . So today I will dye my hair and let it set ,so for now heres some pics of my buddy.

I gave him some treats afterwards.

6 thoughts on “Cupcake Pink is happening !

      1. take your time, no worries, i get it when you’re busy, you’re busy, but that would be cool to see the change in color in the span of a week or two, that’s essentially what I did as well 🙂

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