Bloggers Support Bloggers

I’m so bad at doing these but I thought I would finally try out a tagged post . The lovely Tiani Angela tagged me in the Bloggers Supporting Bloggers post . I’m really thankful for the tag , and I will try to do a few others that you’ve tagged me . I’m just a […]

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Cupcake Pink is happening !

My Special Effects dye finally came in today ! Its super bright , so I tried taking pics in my bathroom, in my livingroom , not outside since its too cloudy due to rain . Also my camera was really having problems picking up the color in the bottle . So my Fiancé decided that […]

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Things I’m Excited for

So this post is not reallg makeup or beauty related but more or less my other hobbies . Today Nintendo annouced the new Switch Light . And its adorable! My is on the nice turquoise colored Switch . Now my Fiancé and share his switch but theres a few two player games that I would […]

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