Its time for a new hair color!

After much thought , I think its time to move away from lilac and silver , and go bright! I finally decided on bright pink hair . So for most of the weekend I’ve been on google , Instagram, Haircrazy, and The Rainbow Hair Colour group on Facebook. Finding good pictures of non filter enhanced pink hair can be hard , so I find the best places to look are Hair Crazy and the Rainbow Hair Colour group on fb . I like seeing different skin tones , different shades of pink and asking everyone how long the shade lasts , did the color stain , and how they fade. Everyone was pretty helpful , so from there I was able to get a good grasp of what shade of pink I wanted .  Oh I guess I should add my other  personal experiences with pink dyes that I’ve used so far .  My previous dyes that I have tried for pink have been Manic Panic cotton candy pink which my hair absolutely hated , but Manic Panic has always faded bad in my hair . Not sure I think it may be my hair type .  I’ve used Punky Flamingo Pink a few times but its more of an almost rosey pink than the vibrant candy pink I want . I do like and have used it numerous times diluted with conditioner to get a pastel pink look for opal hair .  And the third pink was the lovely pastel bubblegum pink by One n Only Perfect Intensity , which is super pretty and long lasting for a pastel , but I want to leave Pastels for a while for something more in your face. I don’t have too many pictures of my hair with tons of pink since I usually just used on the bottom when i had blue hair but I thought I would share some old pictures. I don’t have any of the manic panic since it was such a disappointment to use . The top are punky colors and bottom is Pastel bubblegum pink from One n Only


I know Bad lighting but it was a really nice pastel pink .

My main problem with certain pinks and how they photograph was how red based a few were . I want candy pink not necessarily a red neon pink . I liked the look of Special Effects Atomic pink but I’m not sure if I’m up for the commitment of such a strong pink . Iroiro looked nice but looked like it had some salmon undertones . Arctic Fox I was considering but it still wasn’t quite what I wanted . Then I saw a few photographs of Special effects Cupcake pink and I was in love ! What a nice color ! I wish I could share the pics but I do not own them and I don’t think its right to share pics that are not my own .

Hopefully my dye gets here this week so that I may post pics and review . I’m pretty excited !



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