eos coconut sugarcane lip balm set review

IMG_2309And let’s review another coconut lip balm ! This time it’s the Coconut Sugarcane by EOS. Although it also states on the package that it’s Tres Leches cream ( I love Tres Leches cakes by the way) and vanilla orchid. And as awesome as all those things sound together. this one feels like a mix of past flavors . Like Creme Brule (holiday release) and with some coconut note, with a dash of vanilla . 

IMG_2310So in theory I should really like this one , but it’s missing something and I’m not quite sure what. My fiance says it smells a little too much like fake coconut flavoring vs the nice tropical coconut. I can definitely see that too. But I don’t hate it , I just expected better . Now for the good , it does really hydrate your lips and keep them soft. It’s not overly oily or greasy (like the chapstick version) , which is great so you can apply lipstick over this and not worry about it messing with the color. Plus you can sleep in this , I never really noticed how nice it was. I went a week with just using the chapstick and there was no way I could sleep with that oily mess on my lips, it got all over my pillows. This one I like a lot better as I can put it on before I go to bed and not have to worry . Well I think that’s pretty much all I can say about this set, the scent is nice , but I do think it could be more of a natural coconut scent, and more original scent . I didn’t really get a tres leches experience , but maybe I’m just jaded from trying so many of these balms. let me know what you think. Have a good week everyone.


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