chapstick total hydration 3 in 1 lip care Coconut hydration review

IMG_2044So I took a break from my EOS and decided to try out Chapstick. I honestly don’t use them too much as I really dislike the camphor oil. But this one is coconut based and while it does have petroleum , it also has beeswax, jojoba , and coconut oil. among other things.

IMG_2046I do like the beachy scent, it’s very coconutty and smells amazing. And it does make my lips really smooth and soft. Now for what I reallyd don’t like . This balm is super soft, so if you twist up too much , it can smear, and even the cap touching it makes sever dents . Like my fiance used it once and the top was breaking off. And it’s very messy. I would not trust bringing this in a purse or leaving this in the car. It will definitely melt and get all over your stuff. Even putting this in your pockets could be really bad too. So while I do love the tropical coconut scent and it’s a lot better than other Chapstick products that I have tried before , this is still not my favorite and I do prefer EOS balms a little more.  It smears a bit too much for my taste. Well have a great week everyone !


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