Jlo beauty that JLO glow serum review

*This product was sent out to me for free by Influenster and JLO Glow  in exchange for my honest review.

IMG_2156Hey everyone ! It’s time for a quick review , this time courtesy of JLO Glow. That’s Jennifer Lopez’s new celebrity skin care line. They sent me a serum , that’s supposed to brighten, improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity, and give you a glow. It has Japanese rice sake , olive oil and some squaline as well as niacinamide. So with my last serum that I tried Eve lom TIme Retreat RAdiance EsseNce AntI-aginG face BRIGHTENING SerUm review I really couldn’t use it. It made my face really oily, really strong scent, and the xylitol is very dangerous for dogs. So I just didn’t use and I’m working on rehoming it. This one thank goodness doesn’t have xylithol and doesn’t make my face too oily. But I still only use at night and rinse off in the morning.

They didn’t send me a box with the ingredients list so I had to look it up on their website .


IMG_2407 I thought I would just screen shot it and share it here in case anyone needed it for allergy reasons. Now while the packaging does look nice .

IMG_2159It’s a bit unnecessary, it’s not glass and just plastic. But very bulky and there’s really not that much product in the bottle.For comparison I took a picture of my acne cream from CVS that has roughly the same amount of product in the tube.

IMG_2405The cream is 1 oz while the serum is 1 FL oz. So I know oz is meant to weight (dry ingredients usually, but the serum and cream have about the same consistency).Plus with the JLo Glow serum , you need to use a few pumps to smooth over your face and this product is $79. It didn’t make skin that noticeably different, and I had to take a break during one week as it gave me small bumps on my forehead. I think it was too much as an every day product. I do think I would rather get Drunk Elephant ( in the same price range but better product,) or Laneige which I really love. Good Molecules is also a good brand which I’ve gotten small samples from as well. 

Overall I think this product is one you can skip , it really didn’t do too much and I think there are better options available. let me know what you think , have a nice week.

*Important update !! After a few weeks use , I developed a rash from the product. I wasn’t using anything else , so keep this in mind . You may have a delayed allergic reaction . I’m not sure exactly which ingredients I’m sensitive to , but I’m discontinuing use . 

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8 thoughts on “Jlo beauty that JLO glow serum review

  1. I didn’t realize she had a skin care line as i dont care to keep up with what’s new and trending lol. Sucks it doesn’t have that much and that you didn’t see much of a difference. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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