Sunkist mango orange soda review

*This product was sent to me for free from Influensterand Sunkist in exchange for my honest review.

7DA67F6C-2B26-402C-9D77-2869CC77C0F5So another surprise !   A mango orange soda !  I knew I was getting a strawberries and cream Dr.Pepper , but I have to say this is more of a soda that i would actually drink. I used to like Dr. Pepper when I was a teen , but now for mee it’s a bit harsh . I like fruity sodas like Fanta, Jarritos or Sunkist.

A4BC96A9-9493-4000-8ADC-C6D53AB0EC49I thought the box was kind of cute ! It’s all happy and sunshine yellow and oranges.

C2C8918F-2DED-4105-898A-256A549C0C3ENow for the actual taste of this soda. It was a bit of a let down, when they sent it out to me the soda was pretty flat. Like zero carbination. The taste was pretty good, like a creamy mango with hint of the orange, But I was hoping for a more refreashing citrus based soda. It definitely needed that carbination. 


And usually can’s retain their carbination better than bottled soda. So kind of a letdown. I’m not sure if it’s because it was just shipped in the small box or if this is like that with all the cans. My finace helped me drink it as it was really flat and a bit too sweet. I would love to try this with more carbination though as it seems like it would be really good, but for now I think I’ll stick with Jarritos when I want a fruity soda. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have seen this in stores.


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17 thoughts on “Sunkist mango orange soda review

  1. I wonder if yours happened to be flat or if they’re all like that. Carbonation always hurts my stomach which is why I don’t drink soda anymore, so I’m almost more intrigued to try it if it’s potentially not bubbly. But flat vs no carbonation is a bit different in terms of taste so I guess I still could possibly not like it. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Some drinks that are super carbonated really can make your stomach sick . For me it’s the harshness of drinks like coke and colas that make me stay away . Way too carbonated lol but yeah this was kind of flat . I have seen it in store recently , but I’m scared to get the six pack as I don’t know if they would be good . Maybe if I have a bunch of friends come over I will lol . They always want an interesting soda . Also I do have a strawberries and Cream Dr. pepper that was pretty good and I’m not a big Dr.Pepper fan . It’s a lot smoother than the original .

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  2. How long did it take before Influenster started sending you stuff? I’m not at tier 9 yet so don’t expect much, but I’ve seen lots of recent complaints about people not receiving anything in months and months! I haven’t tried this yet, but I like the Pineapple Fanta and love mangoes; I’ll have to pick it up if I see it just because your review has my interest piqued!

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    1. They’ve been sending me things pretty regularly, I’m not sure exactly why ,I signed up before they did the tiers . It was more on social media presence I think . And yeah I love mangos too . Hopefully the cans in the store have more carbonation.

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