cvs health advanced scar gel review


So I tried this out , along with my other CVS pharmacy haul . Since I do tend to scar easily, I thought this might be a good thing for acne and a few scratches I have from animals .

IMG_2048This has Onion Bulb extract which I guess is meant to be good for healing scars and Allantion which is also good for moisturizing scars . So I got this thinking this would help out along with some of the other moisturizers and hydrocolloid bandages . While the hydrocolloid bandages (review coming soon ) worked fantastically. This product really didn’t do much aside from keeping parts of my skin extra moisturized. I have a few red spots from acne , but it really didn’t fade them out like I wanted . And this one scratch mark on my leg is also still there . My husky sometimes likes to leap on me out of excitement and she really got me good that day . Sadly I’m left with a tiny scar and this will not make it go away . So for deeper scars definitively pass on this . I think this might work for lighter scars or but anything else it’ll not really do much . I was honestly a bit disappointed with this product . But since I used so much of it I can’t return it . Well hopefully I can find something better next time . Let me know what you think and what are some good ways to fade scars . 

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3 thoughts on “cvs health advanced scar gel review

  1. I have a lot of different kind of scars (animal scratches, scars from just being clumsy, stretch marks, burn scars from my flat iron, pimple scars, and surgical scars). So this kind of product interests me, but most of all for the deeper ones which I don’t think usually work. I’ll be curious to see your review of the hydrocolloid bandages.

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