Banana Boat Protection + Vitamins SPF 50+ FAce Lotion Review

*This post contains items that were sent to me for free from Influenster and Banana Boat in exchange for my honest review.


Hey everyone ! I got another Voxbox to review and this one is from Banana Boat.  I don’t usually wear sunscreen on my face and instead usually opt to use one of my makeup foundations with built in SPF. But I do know it’s important especially if you live in a super sunny area. Sadly this face lotion just doesn’t work for me. I really wanted to though.

DAF41359-4067-4239-A3E9-B6CA17A08DB3So this is a 50 SPF, and it might be okay for those with drier skin and with no acne issues , but for me this really made my skin overly oily, and accentuated some old acne scars. So not really the best for me or my skin type .

E9E74453-EDD5-40F2-80A3-6D39D8A0A12ENow I may have mixed the back of the lotion with the body lotion but they have very similar ingrediants > Which may have been the problem and why I couldn’t use it on my face. I used it on a day to go grab a coffee. I thought since it was sunny outside , that it would be a good time test out the face sunscreen. Nope , My face looked like a mess and I really couldn’t put makeup over it. I wore it our for maybe half an hour and then washed my face when I came back. I really can’t reccomend this as a facial sunscreen unless you really are just going to the beach or have pretty dry skin.  Well I’ll be on the look out for a better fit for my skin type. Let me know in the comments if you have any brands or face mouisturizers with an spf. Have a great week !


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5 thoughts on “Banana Boat Protection + Vitamins SPF 50+ FAce Lotion Review

    1. Yeah this one just wasn’t a good fit . But I do have a Laura mercier skin tint that works really as a spf makeup . And one of my neutragena powders has an spf as well .


    1. Yeah , it’s important here too . Honestly thinking of giving this to a friend who does landscaping. He doesn’t always wear it and he’s had issues with skin. I don’t think he always listens to his dermatologist though😓

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