More adventures In Elden Ring !

So today’s Elden Ring post I would like to show off some of the animals in The Land’s Between! My first set of pictures comes from when I first started playing. I was getting used to horseback combat, and I managed to knocked some Kaiden mercenary off his horse. And the horse just kind of […]

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adventures in elden Ring

Hey everyone I thought I would go ahead and share some more Elden Ring screen shots. I literally almost filled up my X-box’s memory with pictures, so I’m definitely going to delete a few videos and photos. But here’s some highlights. Fighting Astel with my fiancé. Meeting Morgott  Praising the Moon! Enjoying the scenery! More […]

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Elden ring Review

Well taking a break from makeup reviews , I would like to show off some of my Elden Ring pictures. I started playing as soon as the game came out, and play online with both my friends and my fiancé. If you’ve ever played Dark Souls or any From Soft games you’ll definitely notice the […]

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