Vital proteins daily greens in green apple review

*This product was sent to me for free from Influenster and Vital Proteins in exchange for my honest review.

E2BE0E68-B4D8-4349-9D88-2EAEF271C2DDThey sent me some powdered greens to try ! I was actually kind excited to try this, as I have heard some good things about Vital Protein, mainly their collagen powder.  The only thing that slightly killed my excitement was the Prop 65 warning on the label. And thanfully I did read a little bit about it . You can check out my Ghost Oreo whey protein review. It’s still a  little confusing. As with all suppliments, take only the reccomended dose. But anyway basically quite a few suppliements and protein powders have this warning as to kind of give the consumer a heads up about possible lead or other heavy metals that are in the soil , ect. It’s pretty interesting , but I guess the original Prop 65 warning on Vital Protiens was originally for their collagen suppliment. So I think the greens are safe . Either way I’m only using this a few times a week , since I do eat quite a bit of spinach and other vegetables in my diet.

D4A993B3-223F-450E-8735-8E4917479177So this also has a probiotic to help with digestion  and it’s green apple flavored.

FD602A0E-38AF-416C-A265-CE24D819D967I thought I would share the nutrition facts .


AD1DF7D7-56E4-45F1-9C96-B93F79D8FDA0It does slightly look like Matcha, but sadly it doesn’t taste as good. In fact it does smell really good . My fiance said it reminded him of the green apple Icee from Costo or Sam’s Club. and you know what he’s totally right cause that’s exactly how it smells. It’s deceptively candy like witha bit of earthiness. But as for the taste , it’s not that good. It’s a bit bitter (proabably due to the kale ), and that’s kind of sad cause you kind of taste the apple and cherry. I really wanted to like it by itself , but sadly I think this is better mixed in a green smoothie or some juice . My blender is broke currently, but I will try it when I make a fruit smoothie or green drink. But I feel like if you wanted to take this with you to the gym or on the go, it’s a bit wierd on it’s on. Definitely needs something else, but it does go down pretty smooth when mixed . 

Overall this product isn’t horrible , it just could be better lol, or at least taste a bit better.  I do take probiotics ( in pill form ) and was hoping this would be a good substitute for that, but I’ll probably stick to the little pills rather than drinking this on the daily. Now when my blender gets fixed though I’ll try to share some smoothies to see how it tastes that way. Have a great Monday everyone!


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3 thoughts on “Vital proteins daily greens in green apple review

    1. Yeah that warnings on so many supplements now . But the one product that actually is pretty good is the Hemp seeds . I’ve been mixing them in with my grape juice and other smoothies . I need to review those too .

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