Wet N Wild Color Icon Multistick in Lavender Bliss review


Hey everyone ! It’s time for yet another Multistick review ! This time I’m testing out the shade Lavender Bliss ! It’s bit easier to work with , more so than the Royal Scam purple, and bit more forgiving than the green. It still has it’s problems though.


It’s easy enough to swipe on and I did like using it as a blush shade , as it does work well that way, just don’t blend out too much or it disappears. Also it will kind of move if you put a highlighter stick over it. Here’s the shade used as a blush:

1216186F-05D1-419A-AE63-63D117269823It’s definitely subtle but it’s there .

And here it is on the eyes . Well this isn’t totally by itself as I wanted to see if it would work better with a powder shadow on top.

DE85A7D4-73B9-4A04-A589-50385DF858F5While I liked it initially , it didn’t really work too well and creased still. Nyx Jumbo pencils are still better in that regard as a base. Also it did irritate my waterline so I had to use Royal Scam on the bottom.

I’ve also used it by itself as a eyeshadow and still have the same issues. These multisticks do not like staying on my eyes , now matter what I do.

And here it is on my face for a Valentine’s Day look:

AF9C706E-F8C3-4718-8033-C0871AFD524CIt did not play nice with the Fenty highlighter stick and kind of lifted up, so I had to redraw it on. Also I layered another shadow on top to try and make it stay. It sort of worked and this was the best way i was able to wear it.

And now let’s try on the lips:

A947AE80-C577-4304-802E-31AA0EA33479It actually worked alot better on the lips than previous shades ( the purple and green) , it does kind of show lip lines , but it’s got a nice creamy consistency on my lips. I think the best way to use this particular color is on the lips or cheeks. 

A157B702-7EA7-4DD2-AB99-9CC29C2B0045Another Valentine’s Day look . I also used the pink shade on my cheeks.

FBA71AB0-16B8-4181-97CE-F24EF7B55514I’ll be reviewing the pink shade in more detail later . But I wanted to do the lavender as I’ve worn it the most. Plus lavender is a great Valentines color 💕!  Well let me know what you think about this shade or if you have any reccomendations for better multistick formulas. Have a great week !


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