The body shop body butter in mango review


So I saw this online and I really wanted to see if it was the same scent as years ago . I remember getting some Body Shop stuff from a friend who was throwing a party when we were teens . It really didn’t dawn on me till recently that The Body Shop was an MLM lol . I bought this directly from the site but still , most of the time just say no to MLMs . Even though back in the day , when I bought some things from my friend , they had really good body butters , and some amazing chocolate perfume . Oh and there was this amazing smelling soap (tangerine mango I think ) that was clear and orange . It smelled so good that my Rottweiler snuck into my bathroom and ate it o_O . He was okay but still , I was pretty mad about losing my tangerine soap .


So how does this compare to old Body Butters? I’m not sure if it’s just my nostalgia glasses clouding my judgement , but I feel like the old formula was way more moisturizing. While this does smell amazing , and totally like mangos , it’s not quite the same . The old one’s a few years ago (mango and coconut were the ones I used to get) made my skin feel way smoother. This one just makes me feel kind of sticky or waxy. It’s very strange to be honest , as I was expecting this to be good during the winter . But it’s just doesn’t have the moisturizing power of the older formula . Which really is a shame as it does smell pretty good and the scent lasts . Like I’m considering just using this as a solid perfume rather than a body butter . And I guess that will be my other gripe is it’s not as smooth as before , so it takes more , plus it doesn’t really melt into your skin like the body butter of old .

Well I think I have a new solid perfume , I’ll have to look to another brand for a moisturizer though . Let me know in the comments what you think and if you remember the old Body Shop products .

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