Yves Saint laurent black opium le parfum review

*I recieved this product for free from Influenster and YSL Beauty in exchange for my honest review

0F09094F-8CA8-4488-AEC7-6CFAC8E2EA87 So unexpectedly , they sent me some perfume ! And I was a bit worried as some perfumes can be very strong, plus this is a 1 oz bottle, so this will last me a while.  But I actually kind of like this . It’s alot better than the Orange Sanguine by Atelier . That was kind of soapy smelling and not really fruity. So I was honestly a little hesitant to try this box out. But this smells good . It initially starts out kind of strong , and it kind of reminded me of the Lime Crime hair dye perfume, slightly spicy, but then it started to kind of fade and I could smell softer notes of vanilla , and some floral notes as well. It wasn’t like a bad old lady style flowery scent but more fresh, and then there was the coffee smell.  And finally like a marshmallow vanilla that has mostly just stuck to my skin.  Also I apologize , I’m new to reviewing perfumes and fragrances , so I actually had to look up exactly all the terms for certain scents. Like what are the spicy notes ?  I did go on Yves Saint Laurent’s site and Fragranita, which lists some of the notes in the perfume. I was curious abnout the flowers too.


so the spicy notes are the cinnamon ( that’s what I smelled initially) , patchouli, coffee , and the floral notes orange blossom , jasmine, with four vanilla scents being the base.

Also the more it sat on my skin the more I liked the scent. So if you like warm scents like vanilla or the orange blossom , jasmine , coffee and spiced scents you may like this. It starts out kind of strong, subsides to floral and stays a nice vanilla that’s not too overbearing. The only thing is it’s still a bit too strong for my fiance’s nose , so one spritz on the neck is all I do. So this will probably last me for a while . Also I noticed it the vanilla scent lasts pretty long on my skin, this could be due to oily skin but I’m not really an expert on fragrances.

Overall it’s a nice scent , I do think perfumes are very subjective and probably best tried in house , rather than blind bought online . Definitely want to check if this is a fragrance that suits your tastes.

Well let me know what you think and if you haved tried this before or are a fan of YSL fragrances. Have a great week !

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7 thoughts on “Yves Saint laurent black opium le parfum review

  1. I used to have this one! Funny enough, I thought it was okay, but I kept wearing it because I’d always get a ton of compliments. Others liked it more on me than I liked it on myself lol. It’s just the coffee smell was really prominent on my skin and I’m not a coffee drinker, so the smell of coffee doesn’t do anything for me. lol.

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    1. I can totally understand the coffee being too much . Interestingly , the coffee I drink is a white mocha with vanilla notes , so kind of similar to the perfume . I do like it but it is kind of strong at first . It is nice when it sets on my skin though .

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  2. I just bought the black opium extreme and I absolutely adore it! I have worn the original black opium before and they got rid of it for some strange reason. I’m so glad they brought it back and I have a big bottle of the original on the way to my house.

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  3. I recently returned this set the coffee smell was just to dominate for me others may like it but it’s just not for me. On another note the Viktor &Rolf good fortune and flower bomb are my 2 faves right now I love the way they both smell in me plenty of compliments when I wear either one

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    1. I’ll have to check out the Viktor & Rolf ones , thanks . And yes perfume is very subjective, what one person likes may be a bit too strong for others . I had that issue with Atalier sanguine orange . On paper I really should’ve liked it but some of citrus notes and sandalwood were too much for me .


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