Wet n wild color icon multistick in green review


Hey everyone , I recently got a bunch of eyeliner sticks and stuff for Christmas and wanted to start reviewing them. The first one is the really nice green shade . According to Wet n Wild’s website these are multisticks. I had to check exactly what that meant , and apparently you can use these anywhere on your face. Lips, eyes, and cheeks , so thats pretty interesting , especially with all the colors in this line. So technically you could have green blush or lips, like a sea monster aesthetic. It also reminded me of a shimmery liner stick that I used to get a few years ago, and yes I totally used it on  my lips. It was a really nice shimmery lilac. I don’t think they sell that particular color anymore sadly.

AFA96C3E-3DB1-4785-B42A-9A36A6D36924Here’s the swatch, it’s a really nice emerald green and seems to glide on my arm.

Now for the eye review :

My first attempt , I wanted to try a nice green graphic liner , with black cat eye wing and some sheer shimmer over my lids . 

E0E81A87-43F5-4AA6-8999-46A8BC269C1B It came out pretty patchy and the liner does very wide strokes. This wouldn’t be too bad for a really bold look, as I did use a brush to kind of shape some of the green. But it actually erased it . Also while the green is safe to use on the waterliner for a nice pop of color , it does smudge pretty bad. I would describe the texture as being very smooth , crayon like , but also has kind of an oily texture. and yes if you’re not careful this will smudge off your eyes. I wonder if powder could help mitigate this as I only used a jelly shimmer for the lids.


Here’s the other eye. I do like this shade of green.

And now for a full face pic.

96C34A67-566A-4EDF-BE0D-350342BFD838 It actually looks a bit better from far away. you don’t really see the smudging as much. I did want to test it on the lids , So I used a tissue and wiped off the green. It actually came off really easy, with just the tissue and water. So definitely not waterproof. This can either be seen as a plus ( doesn’t stain eyelids and easy removal) or a negative ( sumdges easy, not long lasting , could come off during heat). So I would reccomed this only for short periods of time .

03E4D6CF-3755-4047-A6CD-9B981BBBDBA5And here’s full green eye look. It’s really smudged at the bottom corner . And it’s a bit too oily to really cover the lid. I still had some sparkle from last eye look. But honestly this liner’s texture reminds me of these putty like eyeshadow jars they used to sell at Hot Topic. Same consistency too, smudgy, oily and just doesn’t stay on the lid well.  Overall I would really reccomend this particular color as a long term eye color.

E5EE182A-D320-4B9A-B8DC-6506D07AD541 I did later that night try it out as a lipstick , but it just didn’t spread on my lips that well and looked ultra patchy. It didn’t dry out my lips though. So thats good if you really needed a green lipstick for say a cosplay or maybe a Halloween look. But there’s got to be better options for green lipstick . As for a cheek product, this color fades and smudges too much for it to really be a good cheek color. So also look elsewhere for green cheeks . 


Overall it’s cute , and the color is nice, but it doesn’t really stay on the eyes or lips very well. I do have other colors in the multistick line that I’ll try later . I do wonder if it’s just this particular shade or if it’s all the colors . Hopefully just the green is weird and hard to formulate , and not the purples, blue, pink and lilac though. Let me know what you think and if you have tried any of the Wet n Wild multisticks ?

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