AlmaY Goddess Gloss in Angelic Review

IMG_E9596So I saw this online and it instantly reminded me of Too Faced Life’s A Festival Angel Tears gloss.  I didn’t actually have the Angel Tears gloss or lipstick but I gifted it to a friend a long time ago. I do remember seeing it and liking the nice subtle pink and gold shimmer though. So to remedy the fact that I missed out on Angel Tears, I had to try Angelic.

IMG_9604 You can see the nice bit or iridescence, the pink , gold and a little bit of blue flecks.  

5DDAA63A-015D-4CD3-9F0B-175093D63660Better lighter picture !! 

The gloss itself is a nice gel consistency that isn’t too goopy and spreads evenly. It’s keeps my lips moisturized and has a nice subtle sweet scent. 

Here’s an upclose lip pic:

F9B7ECAE-B936-42E7-BC02-1CCE8A2A9A22here you can see all the nice reflective shimmer. It’s very summery tbh. 

66716EC3-F660-44C8-8CAC-AAEC8BE9E5FEAnd here it is in a full face picture. I picked this gloss to use as a finishing touch for one of my Gardens of Juvia’s looks. I liked that it added a nice subtle shimmer . Overall I’m really happy with this gloss and I want to try some of the other shades in the Goddess Gloss line by Almay. This is my first Almay product and I really like it . Let me know in the comment’s section if you’ve tried any other shimmer glosses like this . Have a nice day.


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