hershey’s strawberry syrup review

*This item was sent to me for free from Influencer and Hershey’s in exchange for my honest opinion.

B949EC26-FD55-44F3-8A26-74ED0FB1A097 So I actually got this a few weeks before Christmas , but since I was doing a lot of baking , didn’t really get to use it. Until now that is .

I took different pictures of the box , as I thought it was pretty cute.

470AC589-4FB3-4EA4-B134-F0E05721180DAnd here it is ! I was lucky enough to get Strawberry . So of course I had to try it in some almond milk.

5420F927-86BA-4A6B-857A-5E15565626BA The actual syrup is a little thinner in consistency than how I remembered . Actually the last time I had this was at some church thing when I was a kid. I had it on ice cream, and it was pretty good. But it was a lot thicker back then ( or at least I think so, my fiance also seems to think this as well). But It still tastes pretty good and like strawberries. And it’s really good in almond milk. I really didn’t put too much as a lot goes a long way. But hey at least I have some for ice cream or waffles. 

218D0F41-CAEA-4760-87E9-10FDF9350876 Overall I do like this but it will probably take a while for me to use the whole bottle , I’m still recovering from all the sweets from December ,( I baked a lot of baklava and gingerbread cookies ), but it’s nice to have for whenever I want strawberry milk. They should make a banana version or blueberry. Or mango, there a Mexican drink company that used to make this awesome mango milk powder. It was so good but I have not seen it in years. Let me know what your favorite flavors are . Have a great day.


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