Wet n Wild Color Icon multistick in Royal Scam review

0F89A79A-5A4B-412F-A4A3-A382D84EED1FHey everyone ! it’s time to review more of these Wet N Wild multisticks. The green  one was okay. But not great, it’s a cool concept but was abit too oily and smudged very easy. I’m having a similar problem with this one , but I found ways to wear it. Sort of .

46D7F927-E67C-46F3-8D88-D5C2FA41060AHere’s the swatch, in my opinion not really that impressive. It’s a bit patchy although there is a bit of a pearly finish. It’s more noticable on the eyes.

B3ADE6FF-6553-449C-BFE1-4848BDDCF258Now the second time I used this stick it fell out of it’s tube. This was rather annoying , but I was still able to use it.Keep that in mind when using these as they do fall out pretty easy.

590D6BBB-67B6-4490-8B8B-7A1558FBDBC7On the eyes , they really are quite oily and smudgy. I didn’t use a liner for this look as it just kind of sticks to my eyeliner pen, and just makes it gross lol. It’s also hard to really get these to dry down, and some parts of the product kind of clumps on my eye, or smudges.

3B967425-6A8D-4211-9215-40D3C598A8FD It also migrates on the lower lids . I did try to use a powder over one of the other multisticks but it really didn’t help. I’m going to say its more of product formula issue . 

62C7A5FB-D6CD-44EA-B9D4-5E400957CB10further away the formula issues aren’t too noticable, and it’s doesn’t look too bad. I did wear this once to a friend’s house to watch movies , and it did kind of smudge a lot. so I wouldn’t reccomend this for long hours or in humid weather , these would definitely melt off . Primers , powder , and settings sprays don’t really work well with these either.

Now let’s see how it works as lipstick.

D0D7A5B3-0AF9-469E-98B2-5C88F3C492E6It’s really patchy up close and drives me crazy. I wish it would go on more solid , but it’s just really bad. So I wouldn’t reccomend it on the lips.

B1387DF5-270A-43D5-A5E6-AEE7FFFC4744From further away it doesn’t look too bad , like theres a wierd ombre effect, but upclose you can tell it’s just really patchy.

Now my favorite way to wear it , and it still does run but at least it looks cool.

C84B68C9-5B46-445F-9E6B-01562CCEA15CIt’s tacky enough to use shimmer toppers! Here I used Tiger’s Eye from the Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette. It looks more orange in the pan but on the eyes over this purple , you can see the pink reflect. Still the multistick is patchy though.


DBDC85CF-ECEF-4A48-ACC6-619EB4A32383I really like this color combo. Also I was able to use the Lilac multistick ( yet to be reviewed) as a blush, it actually kind of works. I wanted to try using this purple as a blush but worried it would be too much with the eyes.

FED5173F-D76B-40DB-8BB9-BD75F93D3906I like the idea of a multistick but I do feel like this purple and green have issues , they are fun to play with and it’s kind of cool to use when I just want to do simple eye look , and just add the shimmer. I would love this product more if they stayed put and lasted throughout the day though.


I’ll have to post the lilac multistick up soon. It actually makes a nice lilac blush, it’s very subtle but works. I drew a heart on both cheeks with the stick and blended it with the beauty blender on my face . I do have three more colors to review , so untill then have a nice week !

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