Lunar Tides Smokey Navy hair dye review

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Hey everyone ,I’ve been meaning to post more hair dye reviews, this is actually my little sis’s hair dye. She was kind enough to let me review her experiance with another Lunar Tides product. She moved out of the red family and straight into blues.

E89804DD-FAE1-4E6E-B851-52B40504560AThis is one of their smokey colors, and it looks amazing. She had a better experiance with this than  Blood Moon. For one it’s actually this nice rich navy blue shade that is more purple toned . 

4409645D-F90E-4142-83CF-5FB3648F2083The dye is also a nice thick consistency that’s easy to spread, and the smell is really nice and fruity.

0AC295B1-6417-4296-8AF7-50E15411CAECHere’s the paper towel swatch .

74CEB5C8-D969-4078-9B9A-7E920B0CB9D2I’ll be doing a strawberry leopard review later on as well.

And finally how it looks on the hair !

A1AF6FF6-5F3E-4420-B3AB-FEFDF962793F So for some hair background, I did a bleach bath on her previously dyed , Wrath hair. This made her hair a bit or light pink shade ,also her natural hair underneath that was a strawberry blonde . The roots pretty much turned white from the bleach , but her base was light for the most part. 

7B04E5AE-D3AC-42EF-AC7E-08581F2F6867 In certain light , her hair is a really nice frosty blue but in other light it can be a bit more of a dark navy and look slightly black . Her hair almost a month but due to frequent washings did fade to a bit of greenish shade . Well certain areas were more light silvery blue. Overall it’s a very nice blue shade, and pretty unique as well. I would say this dye works best on a very pale pale blonde or platinum base, any darker may cause the color to be a bit muddy.

56F90D0D-3C4E-4607-8691-AAAD92157BDE I thought I would also include a picture where she mixed both the Strawberry Leopard Blue Steel mixed with the Smokey Navy. The Smokey Navy is more cool toned and the Blue Steel has some green undertones .  Let me know what you think and if you’ve ever tried any blue dyes? Blue used to be my go to color 💙.

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