Strawberry Leopard Blue Steel hair dye review

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0F341E15-7E2D-4A50-AFF4-27081445D102Hey everyone ! Today I’m reviewing my little’s sis’s other blue hair dye. She initially got this since she needed a blue dye , and needed it right away. So she found Stawberry Leopard at Sally’s . This was the closest shade to the Lunar Tides Smokey Navy. I will show a comparison as her other dye did finally arrive in the mail. 

FC98DF21-4AFA-423F-B63B-10CB79B0DCAFIt looks more grey toned on the swatch but unfortunately on the hair it does fade a bit more greenish. I would say if you want this shade and you don’t want the green tone, to start with a very light platinum hair or add a tiny bit of violet dye to cool it down.

74CEB5C8-D969-4078-9B9A-7E920B0CB9D2Here’s the dye swatched in comparison to Lunar Tides Smokey Navy. The formula itself is a bit more gelatinous compared to the Lunar Tides Formula, it’s also scented , like fruit too.

And here it is on my Sis’s hair.

It’s a bit more green toned in comparison to when she had just the Lunar Tides Smokey Navy. Also it doesn’t quite have the lasting power of Lunar Tides either , as it fades rather fast.

F4F34850-F204-4747-B612-31942FE91619Here in this lighting it looks a bit more blue toned.

56F90D0D-3C4E-4607-8691-AAAD92157BDE And finally here it is mixed with Lunar Tides.  Overall I think this works if you do need a close shade but it’s still not quite as good as the Lunar Tides shade. The only thing is it’s a bit easier to find if you need a smokey blue dye fast, as it’s sold in all Sally’s Stores.  But if you want a more cool toned true smokey blue , I would say order the Lunar Tides, as it’s a more rich blue color.  Let me know what you think and if you’ve ever tried any of the other Strawberry Leopard shades ? I’m still on the fence on trying them myself as their a fairly new company. 

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