Lunar Tides Blood Moon hair dye Review

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I wanted to thank my sis for this review . I helped her again with her hair and she’s been in a red mood. So she’s trying colors that I haven’t used , like this shade here from Lunar Tides. Sadly the color in the jar is a bit different than what was advertised on their website. I’m not really sure if it was a mixing error or just how this color leans but instead of being darkened red with a hint of orange this was a bright orange with a hint of yellow.

661661AC-C30A-473B-8FF6-7E3CDDEBD283Here we have the forbidden BBQ sauce !




The consistency of this dye is a bit more jelly like than say Arctic Fox or Iroiro , and I noticed that on my gloves the main pigment that stained was yellow. So this shade pulls more orange/yellow than the darkened red.

BLOODMOONLISTnewcopy_c5108024-0a5d-47bb-b94a-af2346cc4bb2_2048xThese are the actual pictures from Lunar Tides website. Noticed how rich the red looks.

 Here’s a hair chart from their website as well.

BLOOD-MOON-BRUNETTE-SWATCH_2048xMy sis’s hair was faded arctic fox Wrath ( nice cool wine red) and her natural hair is closer to the medium blonde with some strawberry tones.  But her hair still had Wrath so it should’ve  been closer to the rich red on top. Well the results were definitely different.


This was the top of her head with the roots, They were insanely bright orange ! We were definitely not expecting that.


And here’s the rest of her hair. The dye definitely had way more yellow and orange than red. My sis was pretty annoyed, spent most of the week using dandruff shampoo to try and remove the orange dye. It was pretty sticky; it did eventually fade though, and I was able to use Wrath over it for her preferred dark red wine shade. It would sometimes peek through though, and it wasn’t until some months that orange finally left. She did try to get her money back as she had bought two jars and wanted to return the unopened jar. But sadly Lunar Tides tried telling her just to buy a different jar of dye (another red shade) to correct the orange Blood Moon. This was a bit frustrating as Blood Moon was advertised as a rich red shade with only a hint of orange rather than a full carrot orange shade. I feel like if this dye had been put over a platinum blonde it would’ve been even brighter. So, it definitely needs a darker blonde base. The unhelpful customer service has also kind of soured my view on Lunar Tides as well, so I’ll personally really wouldn’t order from them. I would be too scared that color wouldn’t be the same shade as advertised. Also, they didn’t refund her or try to remedy her problem.

Oh and before I forget the staining for this dye was insane, my sis had some orange skin and contact lenses , plus part of my arm was also stained orange. I don’t pics of my arm, but I do have her contact lenses though.


Her eyes burn with fury and disappointment!

Overall, I wasn’t impressed with the customer service nor the misleading pictures on their website. I feel like the jar’s they sent were definitely mixed with a bit too much orange and yellow, so I question the consistency of their other shades. For now, I’ll stick to the brands I use like Arctic Fox, Iroiro, Punkys, and One n Only dyes. So as much as it pains me to say I think this dye was a bit of a dud. Well, that’s all for today let me know what you think and if you’ve ever had any dye disasters before? Any colors turn out differently than on the bottle or box?

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16 thoughts on “Lunar Tides Blood Moon hair dye Review

  1. Wow that is definitely not what was advertised, and if it had red based wouldn’t of left an orange yellow stain. The fact it got in her contacts is wild, and that they don’t care. Shocking how they think that’s ok. Stick with the brand’s you know, it’s certainly put me off from trying them. Sending you both some love xx

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      1. Oh no ! That would’ve super upset me . I remember trying Splat purple and it turned out bright pink. It wasn’t a bad color but definitely not what I had wanted .


      2. I’m really surprised about that too ! Arctic fox seems so big here in the US, and they’re a high selling company , it seems like that should branch out to other countries too . Also I need to check out Stargazer Magenta .


  2. That sucks, they should have given her a refund, some brands are just so shady like that. Not great for the look of their business. Sucks that it didn’t work out and that your sister is out of pocket but I think its good you posted a review. I think alot of the time people only post reviews on things they like but sometimes like this situation for instance people need to know what brands and their products are like and if they are being misleading.

    I hope your sister finds a hair dye she likes, it sucks when you try something new and it doesn’t come out the way you want.

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    1. Yeah it can be pretty tough finding good brands and dyes . She does love the arctic fox Wrath shade as it’s a very nice cool wine red . And thanks for reading . I really should post more dye reviews as I’ve tried so many lol.


  3. I’m surprised Arctic Fox Wrath worked for you cause it made my hair pink not the wine red I was hoping for (._.) I bought the lunar tides blood moon hoping for a better result and it hasn’t dried yet but I can definitely tell it’s not gonna be the color I wanted. More pink than orange for me tho. Curse my strawberry blonde hair 😦 I can’t get my hands on a deep blood red dye

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    1. Yeah my sister has natural copper highlights , I wonder if that helped with keeping her hair from turning pink . Also strange that Blood moon changed to more of a pink than orange . It was super orange for my sister . But I can understand all hair is different . I’m not too experienced with reds personally , but I do hear good things about Manic Panic Vampire red . I wonder if that would work ?


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