tuffy dog toys christmas set

30942A84-0840-4E39-89D9-145D0D1FE97EHey everyone ! I’m finally back ! I got covid a week ago and I was not feeling very well. I actually had alot of posts that I wanted to write and share, but they kind of got pushed to the side . Thankfully I’m feeling better and Roxas had a birthday ! He turned 10 years old in November , so I decided to pick him up some toys . I got this double pack for him and our husky too , but she’s so small and and her mouth is pretty tiny so I just gave her a soft gumby plush instead. I feel like these toys were too hard . But they’re perfect for Roxas !

F5F2FAE8-A150-4328-B1AC-01C01A79EBC0So these toys are made by the same company as the Mighty  Brachiosaurus . 

They’re actually alot tougher than the dinosaur was , and they have reinforced stitching. The material itself also feels really durable . I still have to sew the dinosaur , as he has a bit too many holes . But that aside , how did Roxas like these ? His favorite was the Gingerbread Man , (I was a little cautious with giving him the Santa as I feel like he’ll just pluck the fluff). 

94C6729B-3669-4602-8F75-AD747CFA307AHe really likes carrying it and chewing ! 

5F480F16-9ED6-4BF1-9DE5-FC3352FDB550Lots of chewing lol ! Plus the squeaker still works!  And I’m happy to report no holes or tears .

4CC2B827-FBB0-4F99-B091-556D52875E39 I do still watch him with it and take it away once he’s done . As I do like to supervise him with his toys . Overall these are really durable and take a lot of harsh chewing , but they may be a bit much for dogs with a softer bite ( like my little husky ) . Also they’re a good fetch toy too . Let me know what you think , and what toys your dogs like . Have a nice week ! 


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