Tom ford eyebrow laminator review

*I receievd this item for from Influenster and Tom Ford in exchange for my honest review.Also this post contains affiliate links.

AA2945DE-4032-4EB9-BED2-9B2C421CC3F5I’ve actually been meaning to post this sooner, but a few weeks ago I finally was able to try a Tom Ford product. Influenster sent me a brow laminator . I’ve actually been getting a lot of brow stuff recently , even though I usually don’t mess with brows too much. So let’s see if this actually works .

F7DF4602-253D-4394-8214-ED88AC16FE96Excuse the beat up box, it came to the house like this.

A0E47754-F5E7-4F18-9C67-F1437146B8D6Inside though it was wrapped super nice though. 

C8E17360-6B95-4E0D-B7BD-B325B4838010And here’s the laminator ! I honestly had no idea what this was, just that it was meant for the brows. My initial though as it was some sort of brow gel maybe?



The tube looks pretty nice and has good weight to it. So it’s like a mascara tube.

DA038926-8454-4712-972C-3153A1D7C577And here’s the wand.Notice that there’s a bit of some white gel . It’s interesting as I was expecting it to be clear.

Here’s both eyebrows without product . I kind of shaped them with a razor . So they’re a bit thinner . But I thought the product should still work . This is like my second time trying the product also . I just forgot to take pictures last time .


3DA2554C-94F8-4D7F-BADA-575EFC6AC05CI also tried to go light on the eye makeup to not distract too much from the brows . So just a shimmer and eyeliner . 
 And now for the wear test :


So this is one reason I’m not too much of a fan of the product . It has a horrible habit of clumping up , so there’s these kind of white specks from the product . Also while it does keep you brows in place , it’s not that long lasting , plus too much and your brows will just look like you put glue on them .
On the other brow there’s less specks but they’re still there . Also when my brows were a bit fluffier , it did keep them in place , but I felt like I had to comb again with one of my other brow spoolies . The mascara wand isn’t quite the best for brushing your brows and also applying the product .


You can check out my tiktok video to see how the white specks are pretty annoying . Like I feel like the formula might be dry.

I tried to get some full face pictures of my brows , I didn’t fill them in with a pencil as I thought that might affect the review . But last time I filled them in and used this product I still had the same problem of white specks or clumps on my brows . They’re not super noticeable far away but up close they’re there . Also as the day goes on the product does kind of flake on my brows .


74AF8A0F-45AC-47A0-AB58-65F25608DC9BI sadly haven’t tried another brow laminator or gel to compare to but I do think there should be a better product that is truly clear and doesn’t clump. Also the price is pretty steep for what it is .  I did read a bit about actual brow lamination ,which is procedure that basically perms your brows upright with a special cream and a neutralizer to seal your brows into place. I guess it’s an alternative to microblading. I’m really not super into brows , but it’s interesting. I did see some other gel products for brows that might be better alternatives, so maybe I will pick those up just so I have something to compare this product with. I probably still wouldn’t reccomend this product , as while it does keep brows in place , it just seems like a very thick pomade or glue that flakes and is a bit dry.Plus the price is also kind of a turn off too, as it doesn’t thrill me . So let me know what you think and have a great week.

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12 thoughts on “Tom ford eyebrow laminator review

  1. I’m also not too big into brow stuff, but I have been interested in brow lamination. Ughh, so annoying when it gets those little white specks, especially with dark hair 😭 thanks for the review, I would’ve thought because of the brand, it wouldn’t have been clumpy. Alas, another high-end brand let down 😬

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  2. i typically don’t like stuff like this because you’re right, if you add just a tad too much your brows feel like they have glue lol.. i opt for fiber gels instead 🙂
    for a brand of this caliber i’d expect something better and higher quality.

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