Revlon colorstay micro brow pencil review

*This post contains affilaite links. Also this item was sent to me complimentary from Influenster and Revlon in exchange for my honest review.

D3FF862C-AEEB-4F62-B818-65DF33BE8792So the other half of my Revlon Color Stay Voxbox is here! This time I will be reviewing the micro brow pencil in soft black. I don’t have the best skills with brows , but this is the third brand of brow pencil I have tried. The other two were Lime Crime’s sea witch bushy brow liner and the Nyx powder pencil. So it was nice to have a third option to try.


6F3BDD68-5165-4DC2-AA47-04BDBB46A2F5Here’s the spoolie brush . A really cool makeup artist on instagram showed me you can bend these and use them as makeup brushes for face paints. It was pretty cool so I might do that with some of these once they are done with.

25B2DE14-9993-4BBC-8C80-7D1957038D5CAnd here’s a swatch. It was a bit crumbly so you have to have a light touch when using it, part of the end broke off. But I was able to fill in my brows. I always think my brows look a bit strange filled in , and especially with the bleached hair and pastel colors. 

DA2C0CFB-EEB9-4EF6-8D88-642F5CE558DBHaha I know it’s the same pictures from yesterday, but I think it shows how it’s filled in. I tried to go lighter so I could avoid my brows being to harsh.  But wait . I felt bad about reusing pictures , so I took new ones to share as well and use the product another time. 
0F3E20BF-9EEB-4A34-B3CF-CC9539719758Here I feel like they look more even , and they don’t really look that harsh . Maybe the black eyeliner helps keep everything together . The pencil itself is very subtle but that works , as you can build up your brows.


And here’s the other eye. This one looks a bit better in my opinion. 

And full face pics . My brows definitely look more there than usual , but it’s not too bad . I think this is a pretty good beginner brow pencil . Overall it’s not bad and I’ll probably use it for days when I over shave or pluck my brows .I do think I liked the consistency of the Nyx powder pencil better . I think this pencil itelf was just a bit more pigmented and softer to work with. Well let me know what you think. Have a great week!

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