Nyx Eyebrow powder pencil in Black review

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C6258FBF-294E-44CF-97BB-609FC13B3770So it’s time again to experiment with brow pencils ! This time I decided on Nyx brow pencils, i do have another on in Espresso(which will be in another review) but also wanted to test out a soft black shade.

6940A115-BAFA-4F60-B2CE-EEFF2DCF1193Here’s a swatch. it’s very soft and the swatch stayed there on my arm all day. So good news if you want a fairly long lasting brow liner. I only was able to wash it off with some coconut oil.

This pencil is similar to the Lime Crime Bushy brow pencil as it has a spoolie brush on one end and the pencil part on the other.

So I’m not the best at brows , and I kind if wanted to practice a bit . But I decided to do a less is more look ,That way I didn’t look like Chaika .


Chaika pictured above with her legendary eyebrows !

And now for the brow look :

I’m still in the Mercury Retrograde mood and wanted to show off the purple from that palette as I forgot to include it in theHuda Mercury Retrograde palette review.

AF7A0AFF-EEAE-4301-80B6-2E1CAD488054I really liked the soft look of the brow pencil. I remember using one once a few years ago and it was slightly harsh. This one seems to be newbie friendly.

D97117B3-0E51-4922-8241-49D375D0AE55Here is my other  brow in a different light, I feel like this one looks more obvious. Also the Nyx Brow pencil feels more like a pencil where as the Lime Crime bushy brow was a bit more waxy like a crayon. 

37EFB472-4F38-4F08-9C7B-A631123F9A40And here’s a full face shot !

 So overall I do like this pencil and I will try to use it a bit more often when I want my brows filled in a bit more. Honestly I usually skip brows out of not really knowing how to do them and sheer laziness lol. But I do like this pencil and it seems newbie safe . Well have a good week everyone ! I will try to have some new posts later this week . 

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7 thoughts on “Nyx Eyebrow powder pencil in Black review

  1. I’m glad to hear you liked it. I’ve heard great reviews overall about their brow pencils but I haven’t tried any yet. I’m still trying to use up the ones currently in my collection. lol.

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