A look back in time : Lip Smackers Cosmic lip glosses

DCA8802F-069A-4130-AAE6-BE327A7E9708Hey everyone! I’ve decided to start a new series , this time based on discontinued 90s/2000s products . I got the inspiration for talking with https://tianiangela.com/ on IG . She complimented my silver shadow and it made me think of the awesome Moon Rock Candy lip gloss from Lip Smackers. Now why did silver shadows trigger such a memory, well Moon Rock Candy left a silver shimmer on your lips. It looked futuristic and fit the spacey them with the whole y2k aesthetic. Which has definitely come back but sadly Moon Rock Candy has not been brought back. I know Lip Smackers sold their company ( I think Bon Belle was the parent company) and still sell glosses. But sadly their Cosmic lip series has not made a come back. I wanted to add pictures to this post , and they’re pretty hard to track down . So most of the pictures shown here are from Mecari, Ebay, and Makeup Alley. And yeah people are selling these as collectors items , and for up to anywhere from $38 to $150. And yes spending that much for a retro expired lipsmackers seems a bit much for my blog’s budget. But I wanted to show off some of the listings and also talk about the flavors I had .

AD7E003D-B046-4E6E-95F5-9B02C5C2DA0AI don’t remember having the licorice or lunar lime but I’m pretty sure had the planetary berry and strawberry kiwi. I think my Mom and someone else ( an aunt maybe) gave me a set of the cosmic flavors. I know I for sure had the Moon Rock Candy and the Berry Heavenly ( my other favorite). Berry Heavenly was awesome and may be the reason I gravitate towards blue lipsticks. It had frosty blue sheen , and was great for carrying around in my purse. It also had an amazing berry scent, kinf of the blue slushie. 

12503452-0D29-4323-8982-17DA4AA8625CHere’s what the original packaging looked like . this is from an ebay listing. You can check that out here , it dropped to just $100 lol. Also I loved the holographic wrap around sticker on the gloss itself. It’s peak 2000s and should be brought back .


Here’s the $160. I wonder if anyone actually buys these ? Like some hardcore Lip Smackers collector. I do love the packaging and it looks like they have berry heavenly listed too. Also for those curious Moon Rock Candy had a great sugary taste and smell. Plus the added bonus of giving you frosty galactic lips.

884824C5-F43D-4285-9F36-3603E92BBBC3a little steep , but at least i can make payments.

E494368A-65ED-471B-A0E8-FA62FFE9CE52I feel like I had this one too in my set. I think it was a vanilla/marshmallow scent. Also left a shimmer on your lips too.

 Also I had to laugh as I brought this up with my fiance and he totally admited to having Moon Rock Candy. he’s like yeah it made my lips silver ! But I guess he collected them as a kid too. Just to show the broad appeal of Lip Smackers. Well hopefully they’ll do a special re-release soon ,  Let me know what you think and what your favorite flavor of Lip Smackers was or is currently. I do still see new ones but it’s not quite the same.


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8 thoughts on “A look back in time : Lip Smackers Cosmic lip glosses

  1. Wow this brings me back to the simplest times! I loved going into a Walgreens or Cvs and getting a new lip smacker with my mom 🥰🥹

    I’m also wondering…. Do people actually buy those now?! If so, can they even wear them!? I look forward to more posts in the series! 🤩

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    1. Same ! I miss the old Lip Smackers flavors and products .
      And about the people wearing them . I have no idea lol ! I feel like it might be risky but at the same time you can find sealed packaged old ones on eBay. I know there was this one guy on YouTube that would eat old 90s chocolate ( like the Barbie valentines chocolate ). He didn’t get sick but it probably wasn’t the best idea lol . And the Barbie chocolate was one of his tamer posts lol .

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      1. Yeah , he also eats old canned food too , but it’s so gross lol . And he goes into spooky abandoned places too . I totally spaced his YouTube name though . I’ll have to check my xbox browser

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    1. I do believe Lip Smackers are still around just not the flavor . They lost some of the good flavors when Bon Belle sold to another company sadly . And yes Lipsmackers we’re the best at Christmas !!


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