Lime crime bushy brow pomade stick in sea witch review

*This post contains affiliate codes . Also a product that was gifted to me in exchange for my honest review.

79D33045-7B96-467E-BED4-84E0CFB5622F So I thought I would try to review more of the products that came in my Lime Crime box, I’ve been slowly trying everything . The Bushy Brow pomade stick was one I was pretty excited for but also slightly nervous as I’m not the best at doing brows . Plus to be honest this may be my first brow pencil. I recently bought some black and expresso shades from Nyx to try out as well. But this is my first time doing brows.

1DB51FE3-CBAC-4FAF-8EFF-62CF0A7752FCThe shade they sent me was a bluish teal shade called Sea Witch. I”ve seen the hair color in pictures but never the brow shade. 

55934FA7-845A-4D0D-8B20-858CDA8A383F Very cute pink shade for the tube. One side has the brush for combing your brows and the other side has the retractable crayon side.

E8BC687E-F404-4D64-BAD4-4CE88D31AA13 It’s a bit hard to swatch on my arm, and feels kind of waxy.

But here is on my brows !

238D8267-84A6-4B35-A479-FE78CAF556A3 Here it’s more subtle and I wasn’t very good at drawing the lines in my brow.  Plus I think I may have over plucked my brows. Ugh I really try not to but I always do.

09625AAC-AB21-45BB-9756-196A06D3ED78 You can kind of see the teal tint on my brows here .

Now for the next look. this one was more recent.

12C525C0-CCB0-4E7A-A141-CF8893637168 I feel like you can still see some of the lines but it looks like it covered my brows a little better here. And you can see the teal tint a little better .

B3832FE3-EB0F-4411-9165-E10B41038779 Sadly the front part of my brows don’t really match but you can see the tint here as well even with the warmer lighting.

 I actually liked the individual eye pictures better than the full face. 

12DB9A4D-E3E6-4E87-859F-9645F0DEC042 I think it’s because I’m so not used to doing eyebrows. I could definitely see myself trying the other shades too. There’s a brighter blue and purple available as well. Overall if you want something kind of different to do with your eyebrows, this is definitely fun and colorful. I do think it looks a bit more subtle on darker brows , but if your brows are bleached or naturally light these will totally pop! So let me know what you think of this color and if you’ve tried any other colorful brow products. Thanks for reading and have a good day !

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