Juvia’s place the greys palette review

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C76CD733-6571-4398-B4C0-9F61A8FB0FC0And today’s the final mini palette. This time it’s the Rebel Greys. At first I thought this would mean smokey colors, But it’s mostly grey and silver shimmers with one cool toned grey matte.
8F808271-4358-4353-B97C-316921B1FE8FI may have mentioned this before but I love the compact cardboard palette . It’s super small and can easily fit into your purse or makeup bag.

F3535399-8DDA-4699-9BC7-D19EC0798146I really liked the pewter warm based silver and the cool blue toned grey matte. The lighter shimmer on the top is more of a pearl , and not too glittery. At first I thought well maybe I could use it as a matte in my browbone. Instead it gave a nice pearly highlighter effect. 

EF5749AD-110F-4971-A381-FE2EFAED6962 I wanted to show off the shades in different lighting. Here it was really hard to get the pearl shade to show up , but you can see the differences between the warm pewter shimmer and the more white silver shade.

B3C53D7C-8C55-425D-81D2-D1E6C6FA6C58The silver are beautiful and catch the light really nice.

Here’s a video to show off the shift.

And finally an eyelook . As with the other Rebel mini palettes , I only did one eye look , but I feel like you could do a few different looks with the silver palette. Mainly since you only have one matte and you could do individual looks pairing it with different shimmers or pearl. Oh and if you want to check out the previous reviews, I’ll post them here:

juvia’s place rebel army palette review

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5C33AB91-98D5-42D6-90E9-26AC571A5A77I really liked the silvers here, as I feel like 90’s silver eye looks are coming back . I can admit the pearl silver on the brow bone was a bit much and when I did full face pictures, I  applied a matte neutral shade over it. This made my face look a little more put together. But I do like the pearl shade and can totally see this palette working for the holidays .  I used Nyx jumbo liner in milk to really make the grey and the silvers stick out. So all the silvers are here, warm shade in the middle, grey matte in the v and crease, cool toned white silver on the lower lids , and pearl silver  on the brow . 

D9C59ED3-C712-47B9-B4A8-D54BD0E65F8DAlso I’m in between hair colors , so that’s why I’m wearing a hat. My roots came out a warmer level 7 blonde so I have to go back and redo them . But I wanted to test out these new colors to see if they would cover over level 7 blonde . And no they didn’t lol . So I’ve dug out all my hats for the week.

DFA8D8A1-039E-47ED-B3EA-C9CB37833D67Also doggy decided to say hi and photobomb ! He’s super interested in what I was doing. Well that’s all for now , let me know what you think of this silver palette. Have a great week !

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7 thoughts on “Juvia’s place the greys palette review

  1. Interesting palette, I feel like greys are very rare in palettes in general and it’s nice to see one geared towards them. I would love for there to be another matte shade in this palette though, it bothers me personally when I see too many shimmers LOL

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      1. Idk, I think colourpop had a grey ish palette if I remember correctly? I don’t remember feeling like I wanted it so I passed up on it lol. But yeah, greys are so gorgeous, I did a smokey gray look years ago and loved it, I may just have to try and recreate it now that I’ve gotten a little better with makeup lol

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      2. Oh I think I remember the grey palette . was it the smoked ? or the stone fox. I do remember hearing about it. And yes I would love to see a grey look by you.


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