juvia’s place rebel army palette review

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Hey everyone ! I decided to round out my Juvia collection with the Rebel mini’s . I have three palettes so far. The first one I tried was the Army greens .


I love how compact the little palettes are . They’re slim and small enough to either put on a shelf or in your makeup bag for on the go .


These greens are beautiful! I have heard from a. Few people that these aren’t as good as the bigger Juvia’s palette shades , but they do look amazing in the little quad.


Here’s a closer look at shades . There’s two shimmer and two mattes . The darker olive shimmer is more of a metallic duochrome . It can look almost black but shifts to a nice olive shade . The green below it is so dark it almost reads black . And almost like a charcoal on the eyes.


Here’s a video to show the shift and sparkle . And now for the eye wear. I did have some trouble with darker green , but I used it in my V , and the jungle green easy to apply but also easy to blend away as well . Like I had to go back over it again after blending it with the fluffy brush. Just something to keep in mind with the palette . I do really like the look I was able to create with all four colors though.


I think on the eyes they look really nice . The darker shades did have some issues blending , but if you want a more bold look these are your colors. Plus for my browbone I used Urban Decay’s Antidote from the Urban Decay Element’s palette . Speaking of which the darker green in here is similar to a shade in that palette but I bit more cool toned in my opinion.

C3BD2C4C-B5B3-4EF2-A280-C9268E39A9D8Eye’s closed pic to show off the colors!

D0E7E28E-7A34-49DC-8534-179956C9E3DAI was going for a cyberpunk look ! my fiance bought the physical Cyberpunk 2077 game for Xbox series S so I may play it. The anime on Netflix was really good, so that gave me hope that maybe the game , while still very glitchy might be fun. At least it’s playable on Xbox , not the PC version sadly.

63B8E617-F0F9-4056-977C-D5B2E408005AOverall I really like this mini palette, maybe more than I thought I would. It’s not super versatile unless you do have a ton of palettes ( Which I do ) and you are pretty much limited to a few looks , but I think it’s neat. Throw it in your purse with a few smaller palettes and it’s super travel friendly. I do reccomend a good sticky white primer or base along with some glitter glue for the brighter green shimmer. It really helps keep things in place. I do have two more of these tiny palette to review , I’ll have those up soon. My next one is the Mints. See you soon!

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    1. Haha thanks ! I was going for futuristic , but I’m actually liking the palette . I do see the mattes as being finicky too but I can still work with them . Plus I’m trying them out with some other palettes too .

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