juvia’s place the Rebel Mints palette review

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44D17B66-183E-472C-8E5F-9232573111F6As promised I’m back with the Rebel Mints palette ! I was really interested as to what this would look like in person. I was worried about chalkiness and such , The Garden Of Juvia’s Mint shade matte shade was a bit fussy. But no worries here , these mint’s are super pigmented, you just need a good white or sticky base.

4951B81C-3CE8-4294-97D1-74EDE5036653There’s two shimmer shades and two mattes . The darker matte shade is a bit more blue toned where as the lighter is a bit more of green mint . It’s very powdery and needs some attention when blending or applying . I used the mint ice cream shade in my crease and just kept adding color and blending with a shorter fluffy brush. 
AACBC672-90B6-4C3D-806F-62A79B94CD02Here’s a better look at the shimmers here . I love the sugary look , reminds me of the Juvia’s Place The Douce palette . Which I did use one of the neutrals from for this eye look .

5583B3EC-6844-40F3-B3E1-C873AD6DD367The lighter shimmer was a bit harder to swatch on dry skin but it seems to work well when applied to a glitter glue or sticky base. 

And now for on the eyes!


I used all four shades and added a neutral shade, Berry Mousse from The Douce palette . I think this would be a nice addition to those that own the Douce , the colors work well together . But I could also see it working well with The Wahala 2 collection ( there’s tons of blues and teals , but not so many lighter colors ) and even the Garden of Juvia’s palette as well. Also it reminds a lot of the Huda pastel mint palette. I skipped it due to some bad reviews but I think you could dupe some of the shades with this palette. Just add your own neutrals ( so customized Mint palette ) . But the colors are alot brighter than I thought they would be .


9E50A011-5D89-4F1C-9FB3-0D9E87465774I think this one may be my favorite so far! I really like the shimmers even the more sheer one. I think it looks nice as an inner corner shade. But I’m sure you could probably get away with just wearing two shades , a matte and a shimmer together. Which I’ll try later this week. I’ll definitely be using this more with some of my other palettes too. My next palette will be the Rebel greys ! See you  next time.

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