glam Dinosaur eye look

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Hey everyone ! I’ve been in the mood to play with greens , even added the rest of the neon yellow and neon dyes to my hair. Plus I just recently started playing around with the Juvia’s Place Rebel Army palette. I really liked the dark greenish black shade , and wanted to try using it with some other palettes. This is one of those times where i picked one shade and tried to pick colors to compliment it from my other palettes. Plus I feel like that shade would work well as dinosaur color. And yeah I know we don’t what all dinosaur colors were, we do know a few from checking out the pigment’s on a few feathers. Here’s some articles for those interested :

But another part of the inspiration is the old school dino art that often featured green dinosaurs such as this :

c37363a1808b72d445014cc048f0efe5art by R. Kline not mine either but wanted to give a good example. Also to see more vintage dino art I highly reccomend Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs . There’s always really cool vintage dinosaur art on there.

So enough of the dinosaurs let’s check out the products I used:

  • Nyx Jumbo eyeliner in Milk for the base
  • Nyx glitter glue as a sticky base for the shimmer
  • Sugarpill Funsized , I used the kind of olive toned yellow shade , Continue? I don’t use this shade this much but appreciated how unique it is in my collection.
  • for my V and bottom part of my eye look I used Juvia’s Place Rebel Army , the dark green matte . It looked more blackish when I used it with the Rebel Army palette , but here in this look it definitely looked more green toned.
  • For my brow bone I mixed the matte neutrals Oh Honey and  Gardenia from the Garden of Juvia’s palette and blended those into Continue?
  • And for the shimmer shade I chose Flower Petals from Garden of Juvia’s . This has kind of cool shift , green to yellowish gold.
  • Wet n Wild waterproof breakup proof eyeliner in waterline
  • Nyx That’s the point liner for my wings
  • E.L.F Big Mood Mascara top lashes
  • Wet N Wild moisturizing mascara for bottom lashes
  • E.L.F Watermelon Jelly Pop primer
  • Revlon Color Stay concealers , 01 and 15
  • BeautyBlender bounce skin tint
  • Maybelline Smokey Jade lipstick

46D4734B-2EF4-4931-A6D8-5A69411957CAUp close the shimmer looks more yellow , but further away it’s more green.

4CE5233D-8B55-41B1-8ADE-F2D4F308197AAlso I may haave finally reconciled with the Maybelline Smokey Jade lipstick. It’s gotten older and now is a bit easier to apply on my lips without being extra streaky. I may actually wear it more often now . 

55721712-BFA7-4E45-8B21-09CE18F4AFF6So that’s all for now. I’ll have to try out some other green looks with the Rebel Army , plus I have two other mini palettes to review.  Have a great week ! Also name your favorite dinosaur if you have one 🦕.

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10 thoughts on “glam Dinosaur eye look

  1. I dig greens and you did a wonderful job creating this look. Your hair looks fab, the lavender and green combo rocks.
    I always liked the Pterodactyl, but they aren’t considered dinosaurs.

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    1. Thanks ! I love sea monsters too , and the retro art of plesiosaur always painted them in the sea serpent light . My favorite Dino so far is Dreadnaughtus, it’s a very large sauropod . With a cool name

      Liked by 1 person

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