Violet Visions eyelook

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Today’s look was based on the idea I wanted to play with the Juvia’s Place mini Violets palette. I didn’t want to use the mattes as they weren’t bright enough for what I had in mind , so I picked the Makeup Revolution Bird of Paradise palette and a neutral from the Wahala 2 palette .It was a fairly simple look , and I wore out while getting coffee and running some errands .

F3291717-A98E-4B54-A0DA-615E6B15C82AThe palettes used !  I do want to try and take more updated pictures of the palettes I use everyday to show that yes I do wear these more than once , and sometimes it helps to show the actual pictures .

EFC0901D-8779-4E62-A3E4-0758E63F0696Here’s where I started first with Vacay in the crease and blended with Adventure . Of course this was over the Nyx Jumbo liner in Milk . It’s the perfect base for these mattes and makes them really pop. Cockatoo was used in the brow bone , but I felt it was too white and I needed another shade on the brow bone.

EEA9617C-13F5-4791-B5B1-ED6352CB069E Lit worked alot better and was able to blend it into Cockatoo, Adventure and Vacay. Next up is Juvia’s Place Mini Violets. Sadly there is no shade names so I picked the warmer shimmer .

3B6AE084-C564-451A-900B-7FB777454178 And the rest of the products I used are :

  • Nyx Glitter glue so my shimmer would stay in place all day
  • Nyx That’s the Point Super Artistry liner
  • Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl black liner on the waterline
  • Wet n Wild enhance and define mascara on bottom lashes and E.L.F Big Mood mascara on top
  • E.L.F Jelly Pop primer
  • Revlon colorstay concealer in 001 and 15
  • Neutrogena nude 40 face powder
  • L.A Colors Shiny Lipgloss (not sure what the shade name is it came ina holiday set.

FA5FC430-6FB5-4C7B-9994-477B165A6C38 I never noticed how nice of a shimmer the Mini Violet’s had , this is a super bright shade , but I’ve always just used it with the other mattes in the palette. Here it really shines and the pink based purple tones in the Bird of Paradise really make it stand out. 

2CCDCCB5-72A2-4C79-AA71-BD62E6F23FCBAnd now for the face pics . I went a bit more simple on the face , just foundation , and a lip gloss.

DE37EB35-1BC3-467A-B065-1C5FD962CDED I do like the lip gloss set , but I always forget to review it. I do have the pictures saved somewhere on my computer , and there are a ton of colors, mainly neutrals , pinks and reds, but they’re still nice. So maybe when I redo my roots I’ll show off the other lip glosses.

A50DA050-DC34-4FC5-A383-E769095D11C8Also I’m thinking of swapping to a brighter pink based purple with my hair eventually , not sure exactly when as I still need to fade my current green out . Well let me know what you think . Have a great week !

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