wet n wild tanger-ring the alarm lipstick review

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IMG_5213Hey everyone ! I found this nice orange lipstick by Wet n Wild online and added it to my cart. One of the few colors I don’t actually have , so I thought it would be cool for October to wear orange lipsticks. Plus my hair is now purple and green, so I can go for a Monster High doll kind of look. Or maybe it’s more Beetlegeuse aesthetic. 

IMG_5214Well I guess it’s more Tangerine than Pumpkin orange , but it’s still a nice color.

IMG_5215And the lips on the case are adorable .

It’s easy to swipe on and has a really nice almost creamy consistency, also theres a bit of shine to the color too. It’s not drying on the lips either. It doesn’t give the most perfect coat , but I was able to go back over my lips and have it cover for the most part. It also kind of smells like candy or fruit.


Here it is on the lips ! It’s not a bad color at all .
Now for the full face picture.


I really embraced the monster high aesthetic!

B76192C1-9499-4973-BB7E-6076C4AA4642I don’t know I think this is a more summery orange 🍊. Maybe I’ll keep looking for a pumpkin orange . But I like the fact that it’s not drying and feels nice on the lips . I do worry that it could melt as it’s easy to move the lipstick around in the bullet . Overall I would recommend to those who want to try out some new colors , but are not quite sure and don’t want to spend a ton of money . Well let me know what you think and have a great week! 

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4 thoughts on “wet n wild tanger-ring the alarm lipstick review

  1. That’s still a great shade even if it’s not a fall / pumpkin shade. It’s actually really hard to find a specific shade of orange that isn’t too warm toned for summer in drugstore. You really* have to look for those in high end brands.
    You’ve inspired me to pull out all of my orange lippies 😍 i actually wore two of them last week lol.

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