Skull Candy Jib True Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

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More tech reviews! Yay ! I was pretty excited to try out these wireless headphones . I’ve never had a pair and thought I would try out these Skull Candy brand wireless buds . Being a bit of a music enthusiast , I used to buy tons of headphones including Skull Candy ( when they had the cool prints on the ear buds) a few years ago . And for this review I made sure to test these headphones out with a diverse mix of music that I enjoy . Most of my music has lot of bass , drums , rapid beats , and some lowered tones So lots of death metal, r&b, synthwave, hip-hop and electronica. I don’t really like alot of acoustic or country style music , although Still Corner’s Message is very good slow song that sounds great with these headphones.

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The battery for these are actually pretty long with 6 hours when in use, and then 16 hours when in the case. It does come with a micro USB which you have to plug into a charger, which I have quite a few laying around, but if you don’t have an extra charging block they can be charged by plugging into your computer.

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There’s usually a little light that shines when you open but I took too long when taking the pictures. These headphones are also noise isolating ( for when you really want to ignore the world ) and can also be used to take phone calls. I’ve only really used the function once , but they worked well with my phone. The bluetooth is really easy to connect and I’ve been able to use this with an older ipod touch, iphone and ipad. But I’m sure these would work with any other tablets and phones with bluetooth capability.

IMG_6491 (2)As for the sound, everything is crisp ,the noise isolating fit means you don’t have to turn your music up to the max( which I heard was bad for your ears 😅) And all my electronica music sounded great! I could hear the bass and wobbles, perfectly.  And the buds were actually pretty comfortable too. 

Overall I would recommend these to anyone who wants a nice set of wireless earbuds, they’re pretty easy to find, and go on sale frequently. Plus I’ve seen them in different colors, which were sold out when I bought mine sadly. I may get another pair in a different color so I can have a pair for me and my fiance’. Let me know in comment’s section what you’re favorite music is , or if you just like switching it up all the time🎶  Have a happy Friday everyone. ✨🌸



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