picture time blue lipstick and doggie !

So today I just wanted to share pics of my hair and makeup and Roxas , he’s feeling a lot better and can’t stay still even to take pictures. Well especially to take pictures.

67E84869-C7DE-40B7-994A-2DF5BE4A2449So I’ll do a short list of products that I used , I’ve really been trying to use my Urban Decay Element’s palette , however I’m panning it very slowly and not really a noticable pan. Also I’ve brought this up before but why did Fenty have to discontinue the mattemoiselle lipsticks ? Those things were amazing and the colors were awesome ! 

  • Nyx glitter glue as a base for my eyes 
  • Urban Decay Element’s palette , Silver Burn is the glitter black shade I used . Well in pan it does look more dark silver with some pink or purple glitter, sadly it doesn’t translate well on the eyes.
  • Urban Decay Stoned Vibes palette , I used the silvery shade Opal Aura I used my finger to apply both Opal Aura and Silver Burn
  • Nyx that’s a bit edgy liner
  • Rimmel scandaleyes kohl liner for waterline
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer
  • Neutragena nude 40 powder
  • E.L.F Big Mood mascara
  • Fenty Mattemoiselle lipstick in Ya Dig? 

I’m not really going to include an up close pic of my eye as it was a bit messy from going out in the heat. But here’s a better full face shot.

76136C99-3BA4-4072-BD63-2298BD8E83D0I’ve been wanting to wear more blue lipsticks recently and I have quite a few still, my favorites being Fenty’s mattemoiselles and poutsicles . Sadly both have been discontinued , but Fenty made amazing blue lipstick shades that don’t dry out the lips. Well hopefully in the future there will be a re-release.

And thank goodness Roxas has been feeling more like himself. About 2 weeks ago ? maybe ? I’m not really sure but he had some gastroenteritis and was severly dehydrated. My fiance and I took him to the vet and he was given fluids , some stuff for pain and nausea. Also probiotics and we  had him on a bland diet. So pumpkin, boiled chicken and rice . He lost his appetite and so we were spoon feeding him. And then fast forward, he got his appetite back and started feeling a lot better. I still have him on the probiotics as it’s supposed to help keep his weight on him and help with digestion, plus I still boil the chicken for him lol. It’s like the in between meal treat for him.

129C6227-8FB7-4831-B4AD-E7B131EB29DDAnd here’s a grainy picture ! We finally got one where we’re both facing the camera. Well have a great Monday everyone !


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