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IMG_6401 (2) Hey everyone ! I’ve recently been busy helping my sick dog, Roxas get over some stomach bug. He’s doing better now thanfully but it felt like forever ! He’s got his energy back and I’m working on getting some weight back on him .  So today I wanted to talk about Too Faced’s new Pumpkin Spice Second Slice palette.

3F11BDA8-008F-47E6-AD90-2E7777382787Now I heard news of this palette in reddit and Trendmood. With various comments being this is just the original Pumpkin Spice Warm and Spicey repackaged . Now while some of the oranges and the neutral mattes are the same I will have to disagree . Now I think will be released closer to the fall season , I can’t find any release dates yet. But I decided to go by the pictures of the pans to compare to the orginal Pumpkin Spice palette.

90301D2F-12A9-4289-AAC6-072324967113It’s still intact and looks as good as new. I sometimes forget that I have this until I want to do a warm or need a good warm neutral . Plus I adore the shimmers. They need a good sticky base and a swipe of the fingers but they are super pretty. You can check out my original review here. But let’s compre this to the Second Slice palette :


3F11BDA8-008F-47E6-AD90-2E7777382787A few of the shades are similar but I’m seeing a lot more orange shades and possible orange shimmers with Cutie Pie, One More Bite and Squash it. Makeup Muddle’s preview here has some early company swatches which you can check out here. Also the purple shades are missing as well as an olive shade, Falling For You. More Please looks interesting as I’m not sure it’s meant to be a black shade or a darkened green and it looks to have some flaoting glittter in it. Of course this all speculation as the physical pictures of the palette aren’t out yet. And I feel like the swatches from the Makeup Muddle article may look different IRL. I guess I can see Thankful being similar to You Spicy, and Spice-Tacular being a dupe for Warm and Cozy.  But there is way more oranges and less pink shades.  Also Sweetie Pie reads more of a mustard in real life which I’m not really seeing any mustardy yellows in the Second Slice. Is it enough of a difference to buy Second Slice? Probably a no for me as I have the Warm and Spicy and prefer this color story over the new one. I love my purples and like the pink shimmers too ! Plus I heard a rumor that the Second Slice will be cardboard packaging rather than the tin packaging of the Warm and Spicy. Also comparisons with past Too Faced Holiday releases: 

  • I didn’t buy these but these are the promo pictures from the internet

Cinnamon Roll:




Extra Spicy Gingerbread:


Actually Extra Spicy Gingerbread looks the most similar with some added splashes of the orginal Warm and Spicy. I kind of wanted one of the gingerbread palettes and the cinnamon roll one but stopped myself as I knew I don’t use neutrals that often. Well I mean I do use them but I have some from other Juvia’s Place and my other Too Faced palettes that I didn’t need these. I do think they are cute even if Too Faced can be hit or miss. Most of my things from them have been good though. Plus the tins are really cute , and it makes me wonder why the next pumpkin pie palette is cardboard ? Or possibly since it was just a rumor . Plus here’s a look with the Warm and Spicy :


AA69CDCE-C83E-4101-AFF6-0DB33750E921 I used the matte shades ,Sweetie Pie in my inner corner, Pumpkin Spice, Ginger Spice ,You Spicy, and Spice of Life, Fall for it on the bottom of my lids and Oh My Gourd for the shimmer and a bit of Crisp in the inner part.

E89C1042-4419-4074-989E-48CC49BF1BD7Plus whipped cream on the brow bone.AD73BCBC-0157-424A-8439-E19CDEF91BDB

Well have a good week everyone ! Let me know if you’ve tried any of the Too Faced Holiday palettes or are just a fan of the Chocolate bars.

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14 thoughts on “Too faced pumpkin Spice paleTte comParisOn

  1. I’ve been working my way back through my Too Faced palettes. I have Sweet Peach and Chocolate Gold. And, I had one of their special christmas palettes. Despite having had the sweet peach and chocolate gold for years, those shadows are beautiful still! The special christmas one, however, was fantastic when I bought it but has clearly gone off and I ended up tossing it this weekend.

    I suspect the pumpkin and pumpkin spice to be like the other tinned ones and I am guessing they are equally gorgeous over the years. Your looks look great!

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    1. Thanks so much ! I do kind of want to pick up the Sweet Peach palette as it looks so pretty and I think it’s time to add a peach palette to my collection . I did see the did a re release of the original Chocolate Bar , not sure how good it is but it looked nice .


  2. Too Faced has great palettes but they’ve discontinued a lot of great products lately that I thought were amazing, even their original chocolate bar which surprised me.

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      1. That was a cult favourite. Never tried it myself but I knew it was. So strange. And the Peaches and Cream collection was adorable.

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      2. I still need to pick up a peach palette at Sephora I guess they still have it .But yeah I hope the re-release some of their old stuff . Also their lip products are usually pretty good .

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  3. Great post! I’ve always wanted one of the Pumpkin Spice or Gingerbread Palettes. I haven’t bought makeup in forever, because I have more than I can use, but I’m still tempted by these. I remember almost buying Gingerbread when it came out, and just not doing it. According to these pictures, I like Warm & Spicy better than Second Slice. SS doesn’t have the shimmery purples. Have a fun week!

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  4. Ooooooh, I look forward to Pumpkin Spice season every year. It is one of my favorite food and drink flavors. And I used to have a pony named Pumpkin Spice so I have good associations with it all around. I had never seen Pumpkin Spice associated with makeup, and it looks like real fun. Love the Fall colors. Thanks for pointing out these tins.

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