Too Faced Pumpkin Spice Warm and Spicy Palette Review

IMG_6311 (2)

So this was kind of late Christmas gift, it was in the mail for sometime, but it finally came! Yay! I was really excited to try out this palette and I was bit sad since I missed out on both Gingerbread and Extra Spicy Gingerbread. But I was happy to try this one out as the color story looked interesting, purple in a pumpkin palette? So let’s see how the shades perform.

IMG_6315 (2)Here’s the back so you see the color names and ingredients.

IMG_6401 (2)

The front even looks like a pumpkin pie too !

IMG_6327 (2)

No flash but the colors seem really nice, especially the side with the purples, pink and oranges. Even the muted browns, and taupes are nice. And now let’s see them all with flash.

IMG_6324 (2)Now the other side looks super nice and sparkly, You can see the shimmer gold, the olive green shimmer, and the peach-pink sparkle.

IMG_6329 (2)

I love the look of this palette, I had to make myself not swatch it, So you can see how nice the colors look. It’s a bright, with some pastel shades, and the deeper neutrals mixed in. Usually I don’t go for many fall palettes , but these colors seem to more along with my aesthetic.  I did swatch these finally, and I had some issues at first with the light shades on the left. Those 6 shade I had to build up , and put my fingers in the pans to get better swatches. And honestly I think I may have been just too gentle , because they look awesome now.

Flash and now flash , Whipped Cream was a bit sheer on my skin. Crisp and Oh My Gourd need a flat brush or finger to apply, but they look beautiful when paired with darker colors. and in the light. Crisp is a peachy-golden and Oh My Gourd is a glittery sparkle shade that works as a topper. Sweetie Pie is an interesting warm olive color, and Fall Vibes is nice greenish gold topper shimmer.

There wasn’t too much difference with flash and no flash with this set. But I really liked how nice the purple shimmer showed up( although it looks more champagne on the eyes) along with the brightness of Pumpkin Spice. Falling for You is one of my favorite green shimmers . I like how Fall for it on top , is more a coral orange rather than your typical sunburst orange seen in other fall palettes. I was actually pretty impressed with the mattes as Too Faced used to be a mixed bag with mattes.

And now my favorite section of the palette , the side with the other two purples , bright pink and smokey colors. Ginger Spice is usually what I think of when I see fall palettes, but I’m actually happy that it wasn’t the whole palette . You Spicy is such a nice bright , darker pink. And PSL and Chill is a nice medium purple with iridescence shimmer. It needs to be built up with a flat brush or a finger tip, but works great as a topper or layering on other colors. Spice of Life , the deeper purple shade is pretty nice and reminds me of the dark purple in the Papaya Pop Palette. It surprisingly easy to blend too. Warm and Cozy is a nice inner V shade along with Cocoa drizzle. I was actually impressed with all the mattes for this palette. they weren’t as dark as some of my other palettes but still pigmented and soft enough to blend out. I think the shimmer shades are cool for layering but I know a lot of people expected them to behave more like metallic shadows and just swipe on. These one are mostly for layering and need a flat brush, finger, or fingerbrush along with a sticky base.

And now my first look !

For this look I used Fall for it in my crease, Whipped Cream and A La Mode on my brow bone, You Spicy in my V and lower lash, Crisp in the middle of my eye, Oh My Gourd in the inner corner and Fall Vibes on the other side of my lower lash.

IMG_6395 (2)

IMG_6380 (2)

My next look I decided to do a New Year’s Eve style look with golds. I used the Sweetie Pie ( the olive matte) in my crease. I decided to angle my brush when I applied the color, I then used Whipped Cream on the browbone, to soften Sweet Pie . Afterwards I used Cocoa Drizzle in my V, and added some white concealer to my lid. I then used Falling for You in the middle with a flat brush. I later used my finger to swipe Fall Vibes into the inner corner and blended it into Falling for You.  I used  a little bit of the gold on the lower eye and then added Pumpkin Spice ( the bright orange) on to the rest of my lid. This was one of my favorite looks with this palette.E0EA1150-0859-4118-B84E-6DD49E7E2F20

IMG_6412 (2)

You can see Sweetie Pie a bit better in the second picture but the gold and green color look better on the top photo.

IMG_6419 (2)

IMG_6416 (2)

 And for the next look it’s very close to a Too Faced duo shadow that I still have but it’s getting kind of old. It really reminds me of old school Too Faced’s Glam shadows. I used the mauvey color A La Mode, in my crease and I tried the angled technique again. Afterwards I used Warm & Cozy in my V and blended into A La Mode. And after cutting the crease a bit I used Wanna Piece of Me? on my lids. I applied this shimmer shade with my finger as it seems to be the best technique for the shimmer shades in this palette.


You can see the nice champagne like shimmers, even though this shade does look like a lighter lilac in the pan. But I still liked this shade, as it’s very classic Too Faced. I did use both Warm & Cozy and Spice of Life in the bottom of my eyes. And Whipped Cream on the brow bone to soften up A La Mode.

IMG_6439 (3)

IMG_6442 (3)

And finally the shade I most wanted to try out PSL and Chill. Now this is kind of hard shade to photograph as it looks super purple in the pans but is actually a bit more shimmery and holographic looking with pink and blue glitter shift. I decided to pair this up with Spice of Life and You Spicy.

I decided to post three pictures as the eye look kind of looks different, but it was hard to see the pink glitter , mostly just the blue.

 Used different cameras too but it was still kind of hard to photograph.

IMG_6469 (2)

I did really like this look though. It was probably my favorite next to the pink look  I did. PSL and Chill is pretty tough to pick up with a brush but it works great when swiped on with a finger. I know a few people will not like this way of applying makeup, but I still loved PSL and Chill. It’s a really pretty shade that pairs nicely with some of the darker shades in the palette. It does look quite a bit different than in the pan and I would recommend a good glitter glue or sticky base. 

Well I think this was pretty solid palette from Too Faced, some of the shades are a little more unique than other TF palettes while still having a few classics too (the gold and the champagne)and they seemed to have made a good matte purple. Purple’s were usually Too Faced’s weakest shade.

I used most of these shades once or twice but I could see doing more looks in the future, as all the colors are pretty cohesive. I really liked formula of the mattes even if Whipped Cream was a bit sheer on my skin, I could get the other ones to work for me. I can see blending out some of the brighter or darker mattes to make a bit more of a soft glam look. Which honestly I think I prefer this palette to my BH Opalescent , even if the shimmers themselves have to be applied with a finger or stiffer brush. Plus the whole palette smells really nice, it makes up for missing out on both Gingerbread palettes. Well let me know in the comment’s section about what you think of the palette and it’s color story. Have a good week everyone 🙂



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