Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Retro Glam Mascara in Extreme Black Review

IMG_5539 (2)

And I’m back with another Rimmel Scandal Eyes product . The name is a bit derpy to be honest , but since the liner was pretty cool. Let’s check out the mascara .

IMG_5546 (2)

This is a pretty fat liner with a curvy brush . The brush itself reminds me. Bit of the super fuffy curvy Damn Girl mascara by Too Faced . Just maybe a bit easier to wield though. I do like how it made my lashes look a bit bolder and more noticeable. But not as fluffy or long as with the Damn Girl or Kush mascaras. But it is a nice everyday mascara , if you just want your lashes to be a bit more noticeable than usual . It does dry on a bit hard , not quite like some of the more high end formulas that are bit more bendy .

Now for this look I did have some clumping issues. I used another wand from Covergirl to kind of separate my lashes. I honestly think my issues with it today vs for my liner look last time was due to too much product on my brush.

IMG_5567 (2)

100_0462 (2)

It’s a bit more twiggy looking on the bottom but this was the best pic I could get.


Well it’s not bad for drugstore but it still kind of clumps. So I’ll hold that against it, but if you just want to make your lashes a bit more bold this might be for you. I was running low on some of my other everyday mascaras , so I’ll alternate between this and the Kush mascara. I do think compared to other brands I may like the Kush and Damn Girl! a bit better as they are less hard when they dry band seem to make my lashes look fuller. 

100_0485 (2)

Bonus pic since I really liked this color combo. I used Sugarpill Player One, Slowdive , and Juvia’s Place Macarons from the Douce palette. Well I have more planned for this week and next week. So see ya soon and let me know in the comments what some of your top mascara and brands are.



14 thoughts on “Rimmel Scandal’Eyes Retro Glam Mascara in Extreme Black Review

  1. the mascara seems awesome- but the color combo on your eyes is SO SO SO good!! i love the color blue, so looking at this was such a pleasure…

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    1. I may need to reorder both of those to be honest . Damn girl! just made my lashes super fluffy .
      Also I’ll be on the lookout for the falsies and the push up lines , thanks for the recommendation ☺️✨

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