Jarritos Fiesta Pack Review

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I know I went from healthy beet juice review to sugary soda review ! But I saw this at the store and really wanted to try all the Jarritos flavors. Having visited my family in Mexico and living in a diverse city , I love Jarritos soda. It’s one of the few soda’s I will drink by myself as most are to harsh or carbonated . Well except for root beer , I like root beer. Well lets see what flavors come into the Fiesta pack !!!


*Note this particular Fiesta pack has mineral water , but the newest Fiesta pack has Strawberry Instead. I’ll review both but I forgot to take pictures of the newest box.



  • Lime : very fresh lime taste almost like lime gelatin flavor , but still very tangy.
  • Madarin orange : This was one of my favorites as it tastes like the tiny madarin oranges . 
  • Pineapple : Tastes like carbonated pinapple juice . Also one of my favorite flavors , also I prefer this pineapple over the Fanta Pineapple.
  • Fruit Punch : this is one of my fiancé’s favorite flavors. It’s super fruity and reminds me of Hi-C fruit Punch . 
  • Grapefruit: very nice smooth , but with a grapefruit bite. Still not as harsh as some other citrus sodas.
  • Mineral Water : still haven’t tried this one , I thought about using it with some fruit purée.
  • Strawberry : This is the flavor that replaced the mineral water in newer boxes . It’s a really fresh strawberry flavor, not too sweet . Tastes similar to Fanta Strawberry.
  • Watermelon : Super flavorful and tastes similar to super sweet ripe watermelons or watermelon candy . I really liked this flavor .
  • Tamarindo : definitely a favorite from when I was a kid . My family would always get this one for me when I would eat at Mexican restaurants. It’s tangy , and unique . But with the right amount of sweetness . It’s actually pretty hard to describe tamarind  flavor tbh.
  • MXCN Cola : This is meant to be a dupe of the popular Mexican Coca Cola, this isn’t my favorite . Actually it’s my least favorite as I prefer tropical fruit flavors to colas . But my fiancé liked it . I’m just not a fan of Coke , Dr Pepper or similar sodas.But it’s still a unique cola flavor so I’ll give it that. 
  • Jamaica : also a childhood favorite , this is flavored like the hibiscus flower tea . It’s very floral , sweet and kind of tangy near the end . I do recommend trying Jamaica tea brewed from the dried flowers sometime with some sugar or honey. It’s amazing drink  🌺 .
  • Guava and this one kind of ties with Jamaica as one of my favorites . It’s a wonderful tropical fruity taste with some floral accents . I love Guava soda and juice . 
  • And finally Mango : it’s such a nice sweet mango flavor. Fanta also has a mango flavor too , but I prefer the Jarritos version as it’s sweet but less artificial tasting . Mango is great for pairing with spicy dishes . 

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And there you have it , all 12 (13 counting the strawberry) flavors of Jarritos soda . Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what your favorite flavor is . Do you prefer tropical fruits or more traditional fruit sodas . Also with more cultures bringing their flavors I wonder what future flavors will be ?

*Update !!!
A new flavor was added ! Passionfruit has now replaced Jamaica in the fiesta pack !


This flavor is very similar to the Welch’s fruit snacks island passion fruit flavor ! just carbonated ! As much as I liked Jamaica the Passion fruit is a welcome change.

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