Revlon super lUstrous Gloss in sandstorm review


And here’s one of the other Revlon Super Lustrous glosses that I found . This one is more of a golden peach shade ,which I thought would pair well with my bright duochrome look today .

2599AF96-9F61-4D51-92CD-B1AFAE5081EDIt has a nice kind of sticky texture that makes my lips feel pretty smooth . Also in the pic you can make out the hood tones really well . 
Now let’s check it out on the lips :


No flash , here you can see the gold glow on top , the bottom part of my lip looks a bit more pinkish. But I think that might honestly be my lighting.

FFF93AC2-7A5C-4A8F-8B38-2417EFD5CD08Here it just looks more sparkly but not so much of a gold look as the top picture . 
Still I do like the subtle shimmer and wet look that this gloss gives . Plus it works well with some of my more bold looks.


It’s really hard to see the gold shimmer from further away , as it looks a bit more natural.

Overall I like these glosses , they’re not the fanciest , but they give me nostalgia for mall style glosses you would get at Claire’s . Minus the questionable ingredients you may find in Claire’s makeup. Well let me know what you think and what some of your favorite gloss formulas are .

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