adventures in elden Ring


Hey everyone I thought I would go ahead and share some more Elden Ring screen shots. I literally almost filled up my X-box’s memory with pictures, so I’m definitely going to delete a few videos and photos. But here’s some highlights.

63455871-FF7D-41F8-8CF8-2578D70D732DFighting Astel with my fiancé.

EDA62B82-97FF-42FD-9C1C-8582F57398D9Meeting Morgott 

4F942F9D-EA65-43D6-9443-5B039BF811D0Praising the Moon!

F3203293-8163-4003-B337-3D72298DF904Enjoying the scenery!

8D9640FD-F993-4F6C-8DA5-F58F2435F5C4More beautiful scenery !Plus I love taking pics on my “Horse”.


And hanging out with friends

806C63F3-288C-4586-A2BD-8C565C55D534I censored their names for privacy reasons. But look at how fancy we are. Getting ready for the Gala! My other friend was out of the picture sadly but they were also wearing a night gown.

 Well that’s all for now . I’m going to try and post some more pics later. Have a good day everyone.



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