Lime crime Unicorn Bleach Party review in 20 volume

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64382A56-6743-4378-823C-4D71989A131A So today’s review I’ll have to go ahead and get this out of the way. It’s a bit embarrassing. I took advantage of Lime Crime   buy one hair dye sale and get a free bleach kit. Now I usually just use my tried and trusted Wella powder and 20 Developer ,but I wanted to get the new Lime Crime neon green shade.

B12656DB-0EAB-42D3-844A-249A4A2EFA09Review for that color coming soon!

So before I get into the negative let’s check out the packaging and what you actually get.


47A3169E-3B19-4CF6-BA19-91130F8F6AC5 Now bear in mind I specifically picked the 20 as it’s meant to more gentle on root regrowth and a few spots on the back of my head that I missed last month.  I don’t really believe in using 40 developer anymore as I’ve had the dreaded chemical cut before. And I usually get the same results or better with 20 and just going slow and maybe doing another bleach spaced out a few days or a weeks(preferably).


2F86B086-EC04-4C60-9678-A5EF36D15211 So you get a small 30z bleach powder jar, and a 6 oz bottle of the 20 developer . At first I thought this might not be enough, but my root regrowth wasn’t super long and I only had two or three brownish spots from my last root touch up. I just expected that maybe the roots might still be a bit yellow. But nothing too bad right? That’s easy to fix with purple conditioner and I’m going to be dying my roots a lime green.  But and this is a very big but. Other things happened . I will say the developer is pretty thick , almost like a conditioner ( thicker than Wella Cream developer Wella products review : The Bleachening !), and the powder just seemed like normal bleach powder. I was able to mix the right amount and cover the areas I needed with roots being saved for last as they usually lighten the fastest. I also made sure not to get bleach on my already dyed areas or places that may have been super faded. Like the previous Arctic Fox Space Cowboy was mostly faded on my  right side. I noticed that this stuff works pretty fast too. It did have a strong bleachy smell, a bit stronger than Wella.  All seemed to be going well. I had prepped my hair with coconut oil and jumped in the shower to rinse after 27 minutes.

And that’s when this happened:

A39E564A-BA1F-4BD1-858C-9BF4C5ADA266 Oh geeze , I haven’t had a chemical cut since years ago using Clairol kaleidocolors or Manic Panic 40 developer. This was super harsh ! Like I knew as I was rinsing my hair that there were clumps falling. I decided to go ahead save these and take a picture to really show how much came out and also to kind of warn others about the risks of bleaching. I did reach out to Lime Crime and left them an email stating that I think there may have been some mix up and their 20 developer is acting a bit more like 40. Like this was pretty bad.

a69bce282471005bc696d81c45836bff This is how I felt .  Like omg ! I’m Cynthia from Rugrats now!.

Hairapocalypse pictures incoming!

385B4134-45AF-4231-BDC8-9EE943D922D9Gross! I have white hair but at what cost!



373DC76E-FBB6-4249-9028-C167CD663BF1 I did intentional bad pics ! I feel like this was a bit much for just a root touch up. Well I think my hair will grow back as it always does. My scalp looks fine and isn’t red but the hair breakage I could do with out. Overall I have dark black roots and this stuff go them to white pretty fast. I think this is a more powerful bleach than stated and I would caution others with naturally lighter or thinner hair to really not use this product.  And same with doing root touch up with this. I think Wella lightener with 20 developer is the safer way to bleach your hair at home .  Really just stay away from this stuff. I’ve liked Lime Crime’s other products but this one wasn’t the best.  I’ll probably trim a bit, as I already got the ends a bit, but I don’t want to go super short with my hair. So it’s up to argan oil and definitely washing less for now. Let me know in the comment’s if you ever had a bad bleach job , or too strong bleach than what was expected.

Have a great week everyone !

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13 thoughts on “Lime crime Unicorn Bleach Party review in 20 volume

  1. Oh no! I am completely in the dark about how hair color works, but you are clearly experienced, you always have interesting colors in your hair. How disappointing of a product!

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  2. Oh, how scary and frustrating. I am sorry you experienced that type of hair breakage and loss. Thank you though for putting your experience out there in a post. There are likely lots of people who may not realize the potential problems with those types of products.

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    1. Thanks 😊 lol I love Cynthia , I think I tried to make a sim that looked like her lol . And my hair is definitely doing better , I just need to grow it out on top a bit.


  3. Wish I saw this before I used it I had my dyed well over three months ago professionally I had two different color blue dark blue on top cyan on the bottom I have natural dark brown hair after two washed the cyan turned green waited over a month bought the dark blue unicorn dye kept that color until after Easter then decided yesterday to try the unicorn bleach kit because once again the blue on the bottom turned green despite the fact the top of my head is still dark blue that being said I luckily only bleached the bottom that was green and it certainly worked however it started feeling like spaghetti noodles when soaked for 3 hours so here I am now with dark brown hair with dark blue streaks on top fading into light green then blonde and the ends white and I can’t find anything saying if it’s safe or not to use permanent hair dye that isn’t through unicorn on the box I bought unfortunately it warns you not to dye it unless it’s been at least two weeks

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    1. I would go to a professional colorist to help you out . If your hair feels like spaghettie noodles that may mean your hair is really fragile . I would try to baby it as much as you can before adding any type of permanent dye . Veggie dyes are probably okay , but definitely hold off on bleaching for a while .


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